Roman's 54cm Hunqapillar - 87cm PBH

Roman's 54cm Hunqapillar - 87cm PBH

Roman here! The Hunqapillar was my dream bike for years before I even worked at Rivendell. When I started working here (circa Summer of 2015), I got myself in the queue as soon as I could and it was the first bike I got here (for those keeping track...I know I said my Sam was my first, but I went back and checked and Sam was actually #2!).

The Hunq is my go-to single-track zipper and light-ish bumpy camper. I've included a few photos of the bike's iterations over the last 7 years. I took the top right picture below on 2/4/2016, a few weeks after I finished building it up. I've tweak it since then, landed on flat bars (trending wider bar/shorter stem), sewed a frame bag for it, and rig it up for camping more ways then I'll admit.

Bottom left is my favorite rig for overnights (summer rig) -- it keeps it light and fun on the single track and climbs. The front rack only mounts with three bolts and the frame bag is attached with a few strips of velcro, so it's easy to strip them off for zippy rides.

I just noticed every build has a different King Cage water bottle cage configuration -- I've tried 'em all folks! I also seem to have gone through 4 derailers, 3 pairs of handlebars, 2 sets of tires,'s too early for Christmas carols...

The photos below are as it is built today -- rack-on picture at the bottom.

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