Mary's 58cm Glorius - 87cm PBH

Mary's 58cm Glorius - 87cm PBH

Mary rode her 58cm Glorius in today to drop off some mail to be sent out and I grabbed a couple of pictures.

The lugs are beautiful on these but they were tricky for the framebuilders to use so now they're only available on Nobilette built step thrus (which we're not currently accepting orders for anyway).

The Glorius was one of our first Riv step thrus, from the early 2000s. If we were to re-do it we'd slacken the headtube angle a couple of degrees, stretch the chainstays out and go with v-brakes. The Platypus, RoscoPlat, and Clem L, despite their simpler lugs (or tig welds) are informed by the ol' Glorius and we've learned a thing or two since then.

Note the Rapid Rise rear derailer, and the coveted Brooks B68. Only the best!


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