James's 55cm Platypus

James's 55cm Platypus

81cm PBH / 70cm Saddle Height

James here to talk a lil about my newest bike, a 55cm Sergio Green Platypus. This started as a complete platypus but you wouldn't know that looking at it today

I almost got a lime-olive platypus back in '21 but the timing didn't work out for me and I got a Homer instead. After Will, Roman, and I got to ride these completes in Taiwan, I knew I really wanted one. 

Initially I had planned on riding it bone stock for a while but then a bar swap led to a shifter swap which led to more part swaps.

I used a shim on this 26.0 Nitto stem that I've had in rattling around my parts bin for a few years on a set of Sim Works Fun 3 bars that I bought off of Zach who runs Bike Insights. 

I swapped the original indexed shifter for a Silver 2 thumbie and found a fun set of these Avid levers that I also have on my Atlantis. They allow for fine tuning of the brake pull which I didn't think I'd use but it is really nice to be able to change the braking action on rides where my hands fatigue. The backside is red but the front faded to a nice sun-dried tomato color. 

Thats a narrow berthoud saddle under a Randi Jo saddle cover. Roman and I tapped this Kalloy seatpost so a Blue Lug Koma light would screw into it. I read about it in a post on the BL Kagoshima blog

I love to add pieces of flair to my bike.The minnions sticker is from Tokyo Hands and I have no idea what it says. Email me if you do! 

I know what you're thinking: No, this bike does not have dynamo. Dynamo is really a treat to have. My Homer and Atlantis both have front+rear dynamo lighting and one day this bike probably will have it. For now I'm content with bright battery lights and so far I haven't been caught out without a charge.

I built this bike during the rainy season so I had to put fenders on over the 50mm Maxxis Ramblers. I can't wait to take them off though. The phone sticker is from the homie Isaac at Peace Sports 

That's a Wald 1/2 basket atop a prototype rack in the works with Merry Sales 


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