James's 53cm Atlantis

James's 53cm Atlantis

James says:

5'8" / 173cm

80.5cm pbh

69cm saddle height



September 2023 update:


This is still the bike I've ridden the most. I've used it on about 2/3rds of my daily commutes for 3 years of working here at Riv. I've taken it on road trips, tours, grocery runs, errands where I could've just walked, trail rides, and etc.


Here it is in its current state with these notable parts:


Nitto RBW51 custom bent with longer struts and a light mount to mount a B&M dyno light using cable clamps, pieces of rubber, and spare spacers/bolts. 


Silver 42/26 Double


Nitto Wavie Bars


Edelux light 


Velocity Quill's to a black - white industries mi5 rear and a kasai front dynamo


Lots of Blue Lug swag and stickers




 April or something 2020


This is the bike I ride the most. Commuting, trail riding, market runs, pizza pick-up, etc. I've swapped the tires, bars, and racks numerous times and this is what I've settled on (for now).  The ride is so smooth.


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