James'  51  Homer - March 2024

James' 51 Homer - March 2024

James Report: Here is the current state of my Homer. I switched it up to this configuration last year to use it for rainy commutes and to lock it up occasionally. It has a mishmash of fancy and useful parts from my stash. It all works well to make a fun around town + more bike. 

51cm Homer

80-81cm PBH

70cm Saddle Height

I love the Pewter Paul stuff. I had more budget friendly options so, I didn't really need these levers but I think it really ties the room together.

I set it up with super wide-range gearing. It has an 11-36 out back and a 46-34-24 triple. It shouldn't work on paper and it's more than I really need but nice to have when I do. 

integrated lighting for riding after dark or on gloomier days. The rear light was mounted with a piece of fender hardware. 

the basket sit pad (below) is from Nemo and it's held on by a Blue Lug X-Strap

These fenders once belonged to Rich. The smiley face stickers are covering 2 holes where a light was once mounted.

The saddle is a Berthoud of some sort with Ti rails and the cover is a Randi Jo. The reflector has been on at least 4 bikes in the past. 

Ben from our new dealer Happy Go Bikes in Washington D.C came by our booth at Philly Bike Expo and gifted us these bottles that Emma designed. Thanks Ben and Emma! 

These wheels were on my Atlantis when I first built it up. The rear deore hub is starting to feel rough but the front is problem-free after about 4 years of riding in all weather. 

I paired Billie Bars with this 135mm salsa stem that  used to live on my fixie. I think it was meant for a 26.0 stem, but I squished it to work here. NOT RECOMMENDED 😧!

I love the Roadie Bell because it's unassuming, polite sounding, and easy to move around. I put it on the basket to try it out but I think it works better near the brake lever. 

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