Grant's 64cm Clem L - 85cm PBH

Grant's 64cm Clem L - 85cm PBH

It's a superb, ultra-sweet Big Bad Boy. If I can ride a 64, so probably can 50 percent of the population. My PBH is 85. My normal CLEM size is 59 (I have two of those), but the 64s weren't selling, I have a friend or two I can share it with, and I gave myself a minor deal on it. It's a bike I can learn stuff from.

Slap-dash grips that work great.

I don't understand matching grips.

8.5cm Nitto stem with 65cm Tosco bars. I'd prefer 60s, but these are fine, I'm used to them now.

I did this last-minute because taller guys were trying out my bike. It's a good idea if you have a bag on front that makes it hard to line up the wheel and the stem; and if you have to raise the bars often to accommodate other people. Should have used nail polish, but the Sharpie was handy.

note from Will - check out that cable routing! It's now fixed. I didn't even notice it when I took pictures.

Shimano Nexave. My favorite Shimano derailer ever. The 13t/15t pulleys and overall size scare a lot of people, but once you're used to it, all other derailers look like they belong on kiddie bikes.


On the left: Custon painted (nail polish) pedal. On the right, how a 7sp cassette sets up on a 9sp hub. If I overshift, it won't go into the spokes. If the derailer is adjusted, I won't overshift. But I HAVE overshifted, to no harm. Also, I am convinced that the combo of 10s chain and wide-spaced 7s cogs = really good, great, best shifting.

I still prefer the SILVER2 shifter even on the left, for emotional reasons, but the SunRace came with the bike, I didn't want to redo everything, and it works 100 percent as well (on the left) as a Silver2. I have a bar-ender Silver2 on the right.

Fun with pedals and nail polish. I love this stuff.

Height marker.

Trying a Selle Anatomica rubber saddle. Fine so far. All my bikes now have semi-permanently attached triangles. 

Yeah, well. Note the reflective tape on spokes. I'll take off the plastic reflectors. 

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