Grant's 59cm Clem L - Maxed out

Grant's 59cm Clem L - Maxed out

I'd like to thank Will for not attending to the BananaSack flap before shooting this otherwise great photo.  Two BananaSacks is the way to go for me a lot of the time. The only plastic I drink out of is a BLUE LUG water bottle, shown. Friend Dan bought these 2.6mm Teravail tires but then decided he wanted something smaller for his Gus, so I bought them from him. The rear derailer is a RapidRise Shimano Nexave, which, back in the Bridgestone days, we pronounced "nay-hah-vay" for fun, and I can't go back now. Shimano had such great plans for this derailer, but it flopped, so naturally I love it.

I don't ride pedals without reflectors, which is a step forward for somebody who regularly rode home from Bridgestone, 26 miles in the dark and with no lights on unlit roads.

Will just said "I shot your CLEM, can you say something about it? I see he's trying to make me look bad by showing a closeup of the grips. It was a quick fix at the time, and it's been "good enough" for more than a year now. I ride this bike tons, and it's still good enough.

One thumbshifter, one bar-end, both Silver2. It's the shifter I think everybody who is not hearing challenged should have, but I don't push it as much anymore. Tired of it. Look, get yourself a pair of these, or even one (we sell them as singles). They work for up to 9speed cassettes. 

Lon Haldeman gave me this saddle years ago, and I'm honored to be his friend, he is just so good, and I want the saddle last, so I put foam underneath it so it'll never sag. You can tell it's old b/c of the name plate style.

Dunno what's going on here. I apparently have Deore V-brakes, and there's plenty of top clearance for a 2.6 tire, but not with a fender. There is NO REASON to ride a fender with a 2.6.

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