Twin Peaks and Sutro with NY Riv Rider Justin

Twin Peaks and Sutro with NY Riv Rider Justin

Justin K came to town for 24 hours on part of a bigger trip and we managed to get a ride in this morning. We went up Twin Peaks, the main local SF hill, and then down through Sutro forest, which is a gem of singletrack right in the middle of the city, up and to the left of Twin Peaks. My friend Miles came too, before his first zoom call of the day.

Justin borrowed my big Rosco.

It was that type of SF summer morning, where it's not quite raining, but you have to wipe your glasses down every couple hundred feet. 3/3 riders wore glasses. .

Justin says there are no switchbacks in Brooklyn.

Overgrown singletrack like this is my favorite - I imagine it feels similar to getting tubed when surfing. This looks like Jurassic Park, but it's smack dab in the middle of San Francisco, about ten minutes riding time from one of the overly fancy coffee shops I love.

We made it to the bottom, grabbed a coffee, and then I headed to work. Thanks for visiting Justin!


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