The Atlantis pre-sale starts tomorrow, 4/20, at noon PDT

The Atlantis pre-sale starts tomorrow, 4/20, at noon PDT

Here's reminder #2 that our Atlantis frames are going up for presale here this Wednesday, 4/20, at 12pm PDT. The frames should be here mid-June barring any delays.

That's James's 53cm up top - he has an 81cm PBH, so he'd fit a 50cm frame as well, but he likes to size up. Here's Grant's 55cm with the saddle height set at 77cm.  If you have an 88cm PBH, this is how much seatpost you'll be showing on a 55cm frame.

We made a fresh geometry chart this morning:

And here's a chart to help with sizing:

We have a lot of frames coming and it seems like demand has slightly waned since the peak pandemic bike boom, but it'll still be best if you're ready to add it to the cart right at noon. Phone orders work too, but they're much slower. I recommend online check-outs.

Please add one of these supplemental products to the cart beforehand so we know what your plans are for the frame. If you want a build, we'll get in touch sometime before the frames get here and start putting together parts lists.


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