It's 2021 and my ETAs mean zilch

It's 2021 and my ETAs mean zilch

Last week I estimated that we'd get the Sam and Platypus frames around the 15th, because we usually get frames a week or so after the boats are unloaded in the Port of Long Beach. What I forgot to consider is the pandemic's effect on international shipping. We got word yesterday that they won't even be able to get to our container until the 30th of this month and the new estimated time of arrival here is a shockingly delayed April 25th.

Here's what's going on at the Port of Long Beach.

More info from the NY Times.

It's no one's fault, but jeez it's frustrating, and I feel bad for the people working at the Port too.  I'm sorry to everybody I misinformed. If you have a Sam on order and the delay cuts too far into valuable riding time for you, please call us and we'll figure it out. I expect most bike companies, especially the smaller ones, are having similar problems. I was talking to a friend at another company and they said they're having trouble even sourcing steel for tubing. We haven't run into that issue yet, but who knows what else 2021 will bring.



Shopsack re-stock

Both medium and large Shopsacks are back in stock, including the tan color which we haven't had in a long time. The new grey bags don't have the ripstop fabric from before and are slightly lighter in tone, so we're calling them silver. The royal is also more saturated than the older royal. If you're a bag-matcher, don't get royal or be ready to accept some small tonal difference. The sun and dirt will match the two eventually anyway.
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