Homers Tomorrow 11/23 at noon

Homers Tomorrow 11/23 at noon

This is a quick reminder that we'll be putting up Homer frames for sale tomorrow at noon PST. Please add one of these "I want my Riv Frame..." products to the cart beforehand so we can organize the orders accordingly. I forgot to say in the last email that both the 54.5 and 58cm frames now take 700c wheels and can fit slightly bigger riders than the older 650b equivalents. Here's an updated sizing chart:

Here's how to measure your PBH. Pull up hard when you do it; it should be uncomfortable for a moment.

These are our recommendations but, there's leeway in certain situations. I have a 96.5cm PBH but I ride the 61.5cm frame because I'm only 6'2 and have the leg length of a 6'5er. If you're 6'5 and have the same PBH I do, you'll fit better on the 64cm frame.

If you have questions about fit, we'll have operators standing by tomorrow morning.

Good luck y'all! Make sure you're logged in beforehand.

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