Garage Sale Proceeds

Garage Sale Proceeds

All PROCEEDS (every dollar you spend) GO TO Julie’s TUITION


Julie attends the Meadows Livingstone school, a private elementary school in San Francisco. It has twenty students, mostly African-American, and its purpose is to provide the best education possible, while emphasizing Black history/herstory.


It’s been around forty-four years. The school was founded in December 1979 by Gail Meadows, who still runs it. There are 20 students, all academically gifted and talented in some ways. Through the years, 99 percent have earned college degrees.


Tuition is $15,000 per year, which rules out many students.


We have focused our donations on Julie, who wouldn’t be able to attend without tuition help. There are scholarships, but even with only 20 students, the scholarship money gets spread thinly. Our goal is super lofty, and we might not achieve it, but it is to fully fund Julie’s education, taking the stress out of her family’s pocketbook, and leaving more of the scholarship fund for other needy students.


So far this year we’ve given $6,000, raised partly through sales of the SENTENCES bicycle-riding journal. We sold out, there may be another, but this garage sale has much more promise. Everything here is fair-priced, with the intent on helping Julie as much as possible. Double-think on that before bargaining for a deal J.


Goal today: $4,000.

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