Clem L framesets go live Thursday the 12th at noon PST

Clem L framesets go live Thursday the 12th at noon PST

Clem framesets go live on Thursday

at 12pm Pacific time. There are four sizes - 45, 52, 59, and 64cm and two colors, Lime Olive and RBW Blue. Clems can be built into lots of different types of bikes by tire selection and accessories. With racks, fenders, and smooth tires they make great commuters and non-competitive all-road bikes. With knobbies they make a fantastic trail bikes - Grant rides one of his two Clems in Shell Ridge at least three times a week, sometimes four.

Changes for this batch:
  • The 45cm frames now take 650b wheels
  • There are triple mount bottle bosses on the step thru tubes.

We have complete, assembled-in-Taiwan Clems coming in late September that cost $2000, which is about $800 less than what these frames cost if we build them into completes.

Get one of these frames if you have parts already or if you have a specific build in mind. If you want a 1x11 with a dynamo wheel - these frames are the way to go. If you're OK with our pick of parts, it might be best to wait for a complete.

Be ready to add them to your cart on Thursday at noon, our time. Please also add one of these instructional products to the cart so we know what your plans are for the frame. I recommend having it added to the cart before the frames go live. Make sure you're logged in and ready to go! Placing a test order for some soap or bandannas or something doesn't seem unreasonable.

If you want us to build it up, there's no need to add parts to the cart also. We'll do that on a separate invoice.

Questions? Call us at 800-345-3918.

Here are some more pics:

This is the seatlug on the 59 and 64cm frames. The blue lug up top is what we use on the 45 and 52cm frames.

The limeolive is a new color for the Clems.





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