World's Best 3-speed now at $1700

World's Best 3-speed now at $1700

It didn't go for $1800 and we missed a drop-the-price day, so now it's $1,700.

Contact  if you want it.


Tomorrow it'l be $1,650...the day after, $1,600, and that's the bottom. Could be an easy-come/easy-go thing.


In a month or two we'll have a small frame/bike catalogue. It'll be free-on-the-web as things like this go, and call us cavepersons, but we want to do a paper version also, and that may not be exactly free. We'll probably send an email update with a pitch along the lines of, "hey, please send us $10 toward the catalogue cost, and we'll get you a paper catalogue and issue a $10 store credit."

We're not asking NOW, but it'll come up, so start saving now. As always, we'll try to make the catalog something useful or good beyond its value as a "sales tool."

OK, the bike. Fancy rear der, Brooks saddle...fits PBH btw 83 and 100, but is ideal for 85 - 95. Email

Here are some old film pix from the archives. Daniel (now of Tumbleweed Bike Co., makers of fat bikes) and Sean, the ropeswinging guy.

Bats were taken with 35mm rangefinder with 25mm lens and a flash, 400 speed film.

Sean on rope, I forget the film, but it was a rangefinder, too (Bessa R, likely), and I don't know the lens or film, but maybe iso 3200 film? I blew the exposure, that's for sure, but the effect is kinda neat.

You shine a flashlight up in the air and tiny bugs fly to it, then you see a movment out of the corner of your eye, figure it might be a bat, and then take a picture in the direction of the bugs and the success rate is high. I shot 24 pictures and got a few no-bats and half-bats, but at least 8 whole bats. Shocking! Daniel had no idea the bat was inches from him. Like seve or eight.

Nervy Sean.


Showoff Sean.


Happy Sean.

It was a ratty rope and a mucky pond, and I was glad to be the photographer and not the subject.

Here are some pix from S240 (sub-24-hour overnight) bike camping trips in the local hills. From 2008, 2009

Sean and Daniel at a favorite campsite.

Daniel pushing. The most fun bike rides always involve pushing, and more generally means a better trip.

Daniel and Sean.

Keven used to work here, still's a good friend. It's his son, Milo, on the Rivendell poster that we ran out of, but if you have one, that's Milo.

This is my favorite campsite ever. No--wait. Well, top five. It's on the eastern side of Mt. Diablo, beyond the park boundary, takes about 3.5 hours to get there.

LIghting stove. Self-timed, on solo trip. Small tripod, same 35mm camera, 400 speed Fuji film, I think. Does that mean anything to anybody?

This is also on the far east side of the mountain, different trip. That's Gary Boulanger in blue and Jay Ritchey (Tom's son) in red. We'd just seen about 30 wild pigs running across the hill and they went down to get a closer look (pigs were gone by then), and this is them riding back. I should've waited longer.

That's all. The bike, the 3-speed. We're not desperate, but go for it if you want it.








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