assorted Sat nite April 21. nothing big. variety pack!

assorted Sat nite April 21. nothing big. variety pack!

We're out of 64 CLEM L frames and bike, and the plan was to just make that it for them, but now that we're out, people are wanting them. If you're one of them and there are at least 14 others, here's a plan and a way to get one next Jan, Feb, or March. We're not pushing for this, just unlocking the door to it. We'll come up with a plan. but meanwhile, how many people reading this might be interested? It's a wild bike. There's no bike like it in the world, now or ever.

Next week, here or in an email update or on the more normal BLUG, we'll ask some pertinent questions.


We're down to 5 Large HHH tandems and two smalls. These are friendly, upright, fat-tire bikes that are capable anywhere a bike should go, on or off road, and we expect to not make them again. Justyouknowsaying. They cost $1,800--frame fork headset eccentric and seat posts. Bushnell eccentric, the best. All good stuff, no shortcuts, and even without this note we'd be out of the smalls (which fit captains to about 6-feet) within a month.


Catalog is being printed, will be finished monday, and we'll ship them bulk rate from the printer. It may take till mid-May to get one, but we'll include them with an order.


Local LeMond rider Lauren came by, bought some tape, and made her own grips. She's just put Albatross bars on it, took off the drops. She said the drops taught her how to ride no-handed.

You can see the grips good enoughly there, but I took a closeup, so:


We're moving to here:

Film photo, some kind of Kodak, and it's Sweden, and we aren't actually moving there, but doesn't it look like we should be there?


Even without that, of all the bike companies in the U.S., and maybe then the world, we have the best local easy access variety gorgeous riding. It can't get any better, actually, and if you're in town for a bit and have time to come buy and borrow a bike, please do. We'lll give you a map, MAYBE somebody will accompany you--if you like. We don't want you to get hurt, and I hope this is understood, but if you want one of us to accompany you, we can do that and it won't be intense or nevous. We'll assume you've never ridden on a trail. Nobody here's going to race you.

But you're free to explore (with map) on your own. It's a 15-minute ride, mostly on sidewalks and wide low-traffic residential streets to get there.


Customer Nick L. alerted me to the New Yorker story on Edward Lear. In the  April 23 edition. We stock his A Book of Nonsense in the ultra-klassy Everyman's Library hardback, with cloth cover, sewn-in satin bookmark, archival-quality paper, and of course the kid-proof & stitched library-style binding. Written in 1848, it's a book from that past that's as relevant and irrelevant now as ever, and we stock it now and then just so it's not totally below your radar for life. It's $15, for a book made the best way, and fun great stuff on every page. We have about six left, but we'll get them again in six months. We just can't be stocking these kinds of things, but---it's such a great book. For adults, children.

Next Saturday the 28th I'm going to John's RIVELO shop in Portland. It's an informal thing but there may be me in front of a room sitting on a chair and answering questions. I'm just not sure.


I spend less time on Instagram than anybody's gramparents, but I have an account, and I like the Rivelo photos and weratedogs. If you hate dogs you'll hate weratedogs and if you hate photographs you won't like John's fantastic pictures, all with film cameras. Otherwise--hey, if you're already on Instagram, look at them.


My dog, the family dog—Scoutie (formal name: The Scoutmaster of Ceremonies) is doing so much better. She still has limitations, but her mood is back and she's not vibrating and moaning in pain anymore. She's a West Highland White Terrier, 13 1/2 years old, 20lb...I must have a photo somewhere. Let me see...

 Shot from my belly with Voigtlander Bessa-L and 25mm lens, probably HP-5 film, if that means anything. It's not a great photo, but that's my dog.

 Scoutie's the yawner. I dunno who the non-dogs behind her are.

OK. that's it for now.





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