Sardine Can Bike Wisdom

Our showroom is getting a sardine can makeover, which is where we take cleaned sardine cans and put helpful ideas or photos or something into when people come by and are hanging out, they can browse for wisdom and entertainment. There are fourteen up so far, but the goal is 150. It has to be a fishcan, doesn't have to be sardines. If you want to participate, come right on ahead.

I can't guarantee we'll put it up, but we might, and I also can't say we'll photo it and send you proof--this can't become a high-maintenance project. But if you have a tip or photo (say where it is) and you have a CLEAN fish-can and you'll pay the postage and go to the minor hassle, and it arrives in good condition, we might put it up somewhere. It could be in the bathroom or the shop. If you do, put your name on the can. If there's a message, no need to type it, but if I can't read  it I'll throw out the message and keep the can or maybe I'll retype it, but you can't count on anything.

Send cans to:

Rivendell Bicycle Fishcan

2040 North Main #19

Walnut Creek, CA 94596




(Truer than it appears to be right off the bat.)

If you see something ridiculous or infuriating somewhere, that CAN work, too.


HHH tandem update:

THey're coming in three weeks. We got stoker stems in today, shown here:

Difficult stems to make. Future orders won't come with a stoker stem like this. This was a one-time deal for NITTO, and we're not going to coordinated it again. It's not just saying, "Make 'em!" It's sourcing the tubing, making minimums...yeah, too much. There are plenty of other stoker stems, though.


I'm going to shoot a lot of daily mostly assembly photos, mechanical and frame details, with the goal of 100 good ones by the end of the year. They'll be on film and black and white. I'm not a great photographer, I'm about a B-minus one, but I know the shots I want and I'm going to impose some restrictions (film being one) and my gear won't hold me back. There may be some photo-people out there, and if you're curious, here's the plan:

Cameras: Mostly medium format, some 35mm rangefinder, some 35 SLR.

Film: HP5, Delta 100, Foma 100, 200, 320. Maybe some Ilford 3200.

Pix of sawing, filing, wrapping, tightening bolts, mounting tires, completed bikes, bar frames in the stand, hooking up dyno lights, adjusting things, all the usual.

OK--get us those Fishcan things. They won't be returned.





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