Mid March 2019 No. 8

Mid March 2019 No. 8

That's Dan's phonetograph of me at the top of a steep hill, leaning my CLEM over to set up for taking a photo of him climbing it, which I decided not to do, anyway.


You can tell if you look that they're Billie bars, if you know Billie bars. This is Dan on a too-small Boots that works great, anyway. We sold the other first samples. Now we have new ones, secound rounders, and soon he'll be riding one of those. This is on Mt. Tam.  OM-1, HP5 film, 1/30 of a second, panned. Here's a rocky section:

Many of you are thinking his head is an egg ready to crack, but he's going slow. Notice how he's not braking in this crop:

Proof of non-braking.

He could safely be braking the rear, but never the front when it's this bumpy, because the rocks you hit already want to stop the bike, and if you brake the front wheel on top of that--well, that's when you just might topple over in a front wheelie.

Call me a crop-nut, but here's another one for the few who can't see the detail up there:


When you ride LIKE A MONGOLIAN, or for that matter, Willie Shoemaker, you don't get bounced around. Still, I must say, it looks like he could've take a better line--but it's hard to see the other side of the rock when you're looking at the rocks in front of you.


It's been a BLAHG since I've talked about race, hasn't it? Have you missed it? I have.

Here's a good book. There are two in this Strange Fruit series, and if you get one you'll want the other, too. It's a graphic history--like an unfunny comic book.




Here's the next big things in kids bikes.

Motorcycle makers are panicking because the average age of a new buyer is like 45 or something. I read an article about that lately, and may have even posted it here. It's the kind of thing I'd do.

And this, too. Sorry about the blink links. This one is about eBikes by Buell, who I think used to work for Harley. No need to correct me if I'm wrong; google "Buell and Harley" if you care.

There's a race component in this, too. I doubt it's intentional, but here's my speculation:

Once teens and grownups are all over eBikes, tots will want them too. Rich tots will get them first, and I imagine Draymond Green's son will have one, since dad rides a motorcycle. I wrote to the Warriors and said hey, we have bikes that'll fit, and we can do this low-key on a Sunday, even, but they're not into it, which is fine.

When rich youngsters have eBikes, poor ones won't want the pedal kind, and then oh my, it's the end of the world.



 We're getting these patches. We'll have both boy and girl versions.


They also come in Silver, of course. We being the Silver People. These are the new Grip King pedals. They're not better, just different. We didn't push for changes, but we were given the chance to give input, and this is the final. Built-in spikes. Slightly shorter top to bottom. About the same length, but squarer (no better or worse). The main thing is, they come with nubbins for grip, eight per side. I think 4 per side is enough most of the time, and you could take some out, but basically, pedal them as they come and you'll be thrilled for life.


Recall notices (not us). From a trade magazine--Bicycle Retailer. THis isn't insider stuff. Anybody can subscribe--at least, that's the way it was a few years ago. If you click back you go back several years. You'll notice a number of carbon (sometimes "composite") recalls.


This was on Sunday March 10, about 1:30 pm, NE side of Mt. Diablo. It shows a CLEM L feature--easy, balanced, upside down shouldering.


Here's an uppper-downer story about --- well, let's just say CLIMATE CHANGE. Although, isn't "change" used euphemistically in that common context? I think so. Let's call it, for a second, CLIMATE CRISIS, because she does and it's hard to argue.


 Photography stuff alert: This film.

Photographer and Rivendell rider Marc Elliot is the guy near the end interviewing her, but all that aside, it's a super fun, fascinating film for anybody who likes photography and nice people and candor, plain wonderfulness. There may be (is) some nudity in it, but not what you might expect.


 CLEM H's are incredible bikes, Hillybikes, All-Rounders, tourers, commuters. Dialed in, super values, and they aren't selling. We're not going to do them again,which seems nuts to me when I look at all the mainstream bikes that do sell for more and aren't as good, but that's just me.

Nevertheless, we're in a spot and we need to move 20 of those. Need to. We have 45s for most riders up to 5-6, 52s for most riders up to 5-11, and 59s for most riders up to 6-4. Complete except for saddles. This is a more comfortable, useful, better designed, better riding bike than most bikes in the world, and we need to sell 20. Here's an incentive: The first ten people to buy one between now and the end of the month will get $750 store credit (first 10 have sold). We're extending a $250 store credit with the purchase of a Clem H through the end of the month. Place your order through the website with a note and give us a call.

If you have a Clem H, you know what a great bike it is, and don't get mad that you paid more. Mourn us for having to do this and rejoice in the bargain your comrades are getting. If you don't have a CLEM H, but want a rough-stuff, toury-trail-towny bike, holy cow, a good time to get one.

And all other non-wheel or bicycle/frameset orders received on Sat and Sun (the 16th and 17th will get free shipping and a $10 credit toward a future order placed within a month).

I hate this stuff, but this is the reality, and it's a good opportunity. For those who read the BLAHG.

We (and certainly I) have a lot to be thankful for. I don't mean to sound desperate, just want to get over a hump we got here.


I haven't proofed this, I hope the links work.





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