No. 19. Early NOVEMBER. Platy-shirt, some race, a fish

No. 19. Early NOVEMBER. Platy-shirt, some race, a fish


That's me in June of 1973 with a 23 1/2-inch brown caught in Hat Creek, CA. A former life. Yes, I let it go.


It's mid-day Nov 4, and anything I can say seems disrespectfully light-hearted and frivolous. Big things are at stake, and...well, don't take any of this the wrong way. I'm sadder and more worried than anybody who's reading this right now. Maybe I'll feel better in a week.

FLASH: It's looking more hopeful. Apologies to all who are disappointed?





 I know what YOU ALL are thinking: Choctaw has two C's and zero K's in it. Right. It's been fixed. Thanks to all one of you who wrote. 

Enough of you were interested in a combo Bobbie Gentry/Platypus shirt for us to do an order. These will go live when we get them, in about a week. We ordered twice as many as we got orders for, and I hope that's enough for this one-of-a-kind T-shirt. $30. I'll try to contact those of you who've already indicated that you want one. I don't know how they fit--it's a new-to-us brand, but I imagine they fit the same as others.

No custom consulting on ye olde fitte....just see what size T's you already have, and order the same. No pockets on these. All cotton. Should be fine!

If you've already indicated that you're bold enough for these shirts, great, thanks—that's why we're going ahead. I STILL NEED YOUR SIZE, so send email to  with this as subject: (This assumes you're "in ye olde database.")

NAME, ZIPCODE, SIZE <------like this!  in ye olde subject field.


BIDEN, 20500, LARGE <---------like this! in the subject field


OK, do that soon and we're all set!


Among bicycle businesses at least, we've become a clearing house for all things platypus, and no fewer than twenty of you alerted us to this. Thanks to all. Don't feel less special because you're one of twenty. The twenty of you are twenty in eight billion.

Science alert, platypus-related



Above is one version of our BRF logo. The Fund. And below is a self-portrait of the artist, Hiawatha Davis. Yes, his real name is Hiawatha. So is his dad's, and so is his son's.

 He's in Seattle. Does mostly painting. More on him later.

A 22-minute post by a Christian guy talking about Black people.  


All for now. These can be short now and then.



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