A Whitman's Sampler but there's a video link with some more pix that didn't load last time

Sorry if you have no interest in the HHH, but this is a good place to get the word out. If your local shop is building your HHH, tell them the timing chain for a small or medium should be 150 links, and that seems to amount to 74.5 inches, from inner-link to inner link. The large needs two more links, On a chain, two links means one outer plus one inner.

This is the KIND of thing a good shop will figure out on its own, but it's nice to be helpful, and this is a way to be that.


There's a new storyarticle on the site about Toe Overlap, right here.


It's only a minute long. It came up again today with a woman on a 46 Appa. The front-center on that bike is about 597mm, so...only with the right eombo can she get it with that 26-inch wheel, but it's good to know, anyway.


Meet the next president, or vice president, or something. He's going to be famous, anyway. There's an 800 word column that includes

a video.

Watch it if at all at home, not work. I don't want to be party to that!

And here's the transcript.


 Both Dave AND Jenny want one of the Romanesque Lifta-Mixtes when they come  in. I'd like one too, but I've got a Clem-L and..I can't get everything. The name on the downtube, Rosco Bubbe, is a draw, though.



Domenic broke his derailer. This is not a reason to go internal.


Mark's working on a disc brake on the HHH.


Roman's been assembling a few bikes. Don't be fooled by the hat--he's good.


What a great vise! Marc deburs a steerer on a HHH.


Appaloosa badge. The horse has feathers in the mane, the way the Nez Perce did it.