Maybe last chance in this universe for Half-Mitts

Maybe last chance in this universe for Half-Mitts

Until today our inventory showed zero, but we actually have 27 pair (UPDATE>>> SOLD OUT)  , and I wear them every day of my life and kind of think everybody should, because as goofy as they seem, they are really, really good at keeping your hands warm and giving you finger access.

We'll try to do them again next year, but they probably won't happen. I love these HMs, but most of the world thinks they're quirky and frivolous. We can't do another batch of 100 that takes us four years to sell and wins us a profit of $400. I'm not whining, I'm just saying that's about how it works.

Nobody else will make them. Maybe some neo-retro dice-loading copycat, but probably not even that. 

As an alternative, you can get mitts with foldaway tops that expose fingerless gloves, and those are pretty good, but there's no "OK--may hands are too hot now!" bailout there. Halfmitts have the straps that let you dangle them and not lose them; and they're not so hot that you're reluctant to put them on because you'll be taking them off soon. They layer well with other gloves or mittens or nothing. For ultracold, go with the Arctic Bowsers, that's best--but when it's just in the 30s to 50s and you still want a slim grip on the bar, and you want to be able to shed them like blinking and still have them ready for you, Halfmitts win. They can also be an wind & rain shield for anything that fits underneath.

When it's just chilly, do dis.



If it gets too hot, shed the top and keep the thumb, or shed the thumb, too. Whatever works for you, Halfmitts are ready.

This may look like the garden-variety grip...but hold on a second there, billy-boy---- the  photo below shows what's going on underneath.

This way is not the normal standard way to wear them, but you can shed them temporarily and put them back on in less than two seconds.


One size fits everybody. Layer with these Nubby Nobbers:

 These are made in North Carolina and nobody knows what the V-nob in the thumb crotch is for, but they're good alone and great, in the Tony the Tiger sense, when paired with Halfmitts. You can cut the fingertips off them, and wash them up a storm, and they won't fray. They're cheap enough to do that with., and the nobs are grippy, so your hand needs are covered down to...30-degrees or so.


 Brian's doing this on the stand as I type. The yellow bare doesn't look all that great, but with amber shellac, o my. This is going on a small purple Hillborne. OK, here's a picture:

Brian is putting together a guitar from a kit, and has been shellacing that, too.



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