Email update August 25 by Grant b/c WIll isn't here

Hi, Will usually writes these weekly update, but he’s gone to Japan and Taiwan for a week and a half, along with Roman and James, to meet with suppliers (Nitto, our frame makers, some parts makers) and customers (Blue Lug) in both places. 

We rely, we RELY, on the sales generated by Will’s updates, and so I’ll do my best to duplicate it, but I’ll end up forgetting things and going my own way. Starting now.

I’ll break up the topics into general, stressful, frustrating, and exciting.


We’re one big happy family. Bikepacker Calvin is back after 4 months of rehab after wrenching his kneecap and ACLU or whatever indoor rock-climbing, so Will and James don’t have to cover for him anymore. Welcome Back, Calvin…your dreams were your ticket out.

 It’s been hotter than white blazes around here, so I make Target runs for Spindrift, Ollipop, and kombucha…at least three days a week. We all have our favorites. Ollipop is sweeping the nation, largely do to our drinking of it.


Sergio got a great photo of this year’s Tour de France. The best I’ve seen. I don’t think he went there, so maybe it was off the computer or TV set.

 Well, I just asked Sergio, and it turns out he “just happened” to be at the finish line for both the2018 and 2019 Tours, and he shot this with his Nikon. It is the best racing photo I’ve ever seen.



Through a miscommunication that wasn't our fault we're going to be stuck buying a TON of Shimano stuff that is perfectly good, but not exactly up our alley. We'll sell most of it on the site, maybe donate some. It was for the next CLEMs and Playtypus. We saved the day and got the parts on them that we wanted, but we had to buy some other stuff that the assembler had already committed to.

Our lighter tubespec'd Susie isn't. passing the ISO MTB test, and even though the main test is designed for suspension bikes (we have reason to believe), it still means we have to change something to make it pass, and that'll mean a delay of two to four months. We're ON it.

UPS lost four boxes of MUSA clothing, The maker accidentally sent them away with no labels. 


Component supply for our complete bikes is horrible. We have long lead times and have to commit, but then when it comes time to assemble bikes, they tell us what we ordered has been discontinued, so we scramble for fill-ins. 

The rear derailer project. O my god. After three years? Has it been that long? It's still not ready. But we have what seem to fine final refinements, and the happy part of this is that I/Grant am 20 percent optimistic.


Well, we might get a new frame pump. The cheaper Chinese saddles will be here, and they're the best non-leather saddles ever, for our kind of riding. A new handlebar bag is coming. More Rivendell Mountain Works Elf Pouches, coming. We'll get more cotton button-downs for riding. The Roaduno is going to be our most popular bike ever and everybody ought to get one, bu wait till Spring 2024. 

Eben Weiss has a great column in Outside. A must-read.


Here are some web specials, bikes, and frames.


My blahg has been absent but it's not visible and a long one wiith some good variety. It's really long, and has two really good reprints from The Atlantic. I know not everybody has the patience for those, but I think you'll enjoy them both.


I've been watching Reservation Dogs. It's. pretty good. I still think everybody ought to watch Astrid. On PBS or Apple. Nothing like it. It's even better than Ted Lasso. And bookswise: Peter Attia....and David and Malcom Gladwell....and Tom Ann Patchett. 


OK, enough. We'll all be glad to have Will back.





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