Movie time

Movie time


I've put this 25-minute? bikish movie up here before, but I'm sure there are some of you who maybe meant to see it but forgot, and others who were off doing something else way back then, so here it is again. It's a self-filmed documentary of a solo bike-and-climbing trip by the son of a friend-couple of mine. I knew his mom as a riding buddy in 1976 or ' '77, when she moved here from Kentucky. She got second in the women's nationals the year before, and rode that same orange Colnago as a bike messenger in S.F. Then she became a nurse, moved to SLC and married Tom, and they had a boy and a girl, and this movie was made by the boy, that's him, the guy in it. He (Kyle) and Tom were out here once and we rode up the mountain in 1999 or so.

Road From Karakol

 If you waded thru that, here's an interview with Kyle and Terry, about how hard it is for the moms. The Kyle-Terry part starts at about 9:15.

Kyle died a few years ago, in bad weather on a mountain.

If you prefer books to war and are looking for a single-shot 2-hour movie with subtitle options even tho it's in English, this one is fine. MAYBE a hair corny, but sometimes that's good, right?:

Guernsey Pie Society

And here's an NPR podcast that you'll not feel neutral about. But it's one of the more interesting podcasts you'll hear this week. It's about 51 minutes, so listen instead of watching a rerun, but not instead of a good old bike ride.

Links can be a drag, but these are worth the time, if you have it. 


 Here's an article, not a thing to watch or hear. It's about those Dutch. Yes, another "we should copy them" Dutch-reverence story, but it's an interview and is particularly good, I think. It's short. Does it have to be short? Well, it is, anyway.


Lately I've been riding here, with Dan. Roman and Will and Corey haven't been there yet--it's not as convenient for them--but maybe sometime. I am not sure they read this, but if they do, hey you guys, we can take Bart to Lafayette and go from there.



----------OK now. It's fine that you didn't click on any of those other links, but you've got to click on this one. It'll make you feel serene promptly and possibly even not like your morning commute more, but I include it here for the sereneness potential. It's only 3 1/2 minutes long:

In the coming months it may or may not become apparent what lead me to find this.


By Sept 9 we should have some of the new mtn bikes. I hope. Then we'll build them up and ride them and show you actual pictures (well, phone-o-graphs) with the model name and all.





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