broken European crank. dark zone is fatigue zone, light crystalline part is "overload" zone, where it just rips away. Interesting (I'd say) that the pedal washer didn't prevent this. That is its job.

early march variety pack

We got in the Billie bar and put it on a blue Cheviot. I stayed 1:15 late to wrapnlac it. I've shown these fancy wrap projects before, and a few blahgs back is a step-by-step so you can du-it-yerseff. It takes a while. I've done it free and then cheap on request, but I've got a full plate these months, so if you want to do it, get the tape and twine and follow the steps. Keep reading or scroll way down and you'll see where the super-gruvy twine comes from. It's super strong, flat, waxed, shiney. Hemp works, too, but I tend to crank hard on the twine, and this stuff is super strong. Not necessary for twining tape, but helpful here.



It's khaki and teal with clear shellac and wrapped with that special twine.

Don't think it, don't say it. I know, a Shimano trigger shifter. Well...a month or so ago a woman bought a CLEM L with our normal inboard thumbies, and her thumbs were tiny and weak and she had a hard time with them. So we put one of these guys on, and BINGO. It's now and official option. This bike has one trigger, one thumby.

I can't take normal work hours to do this. I don't want to do it anymore, but if yoiu really really want me to, I'll do it for a $120 donation to this guy's new bike shop in Tucson:

This is my own grip. Experimenting with tape over paddle grip. Notice the quick-n-krappie tape job. I was in a hurry, had planned to redo it, but shoot--it keeps on working. Notice the washers-which-shall-not-be-named.


Here's the right shifter on the same bike. This is the groovy spot for the thumby, but it's a hard sell, so we gave up trying. Notice the SUPER lousy grip and the SPECIAL RED washers that shan't be named. I found them in a drawer, and I don't know where they came from.

Here's the kickstand on the bike. Problem:I didn't cut  it short enough, so I have to remove the foot and kickstand and recut it about 1cm shorter. Shoot. It's like...a waste of life-time. I have no t ime for this, but I gotta. Shoot, shoot.



 Former employee lifetime friend to all Keven got his "major hassle, never again, barely a Rivendell" custom for child-and-load hauling.

Notorious washer holds the fork in.

Custom rack and head tube mount. Rack doesn't turn with wheel. You cannot afford this rack. Keven can't. Nobody can. Don't even ask.

Frame sans Keven.



Should be in color. Shot with Makro-Planar lens with 55mm extension tube with FP4 film.


Got nothing to add.


Top: Leaf Me Be, Scarlet Starlet, Thera-pewter

Next: Scarlet Starlet with Purplexed and Thera-Pewter

Next: Thera-pewter, for the glittery titanium look

Bottom: Purplexed, Leaf Me Be, Thera-pewter, with a rogue Scarlet Starlet

I was cleaning out drawers and found all these lose Pioneer (model) Swiss Army knives. This is the coolest model, and we used to sell them. Amazon killed that. They were silver, but I've been going nuts with Sally Hansen nail polish--the Target woman said it's the best for bike touch-ups--and Sally Hansen has quite the story, so I'm all about it:

Not enough bike content, I know. I doubt Sally ever pedaled a foot, but who am I to say, and why speculate?


I'm working on a frame and bike catalog. Taking forever.


Here's where I do it. The only place in the house I'm allowed to mess up.


Here's the twine:


I don't want to keep harping on our recent recovery, but it's something all of us think about and talk about, and we are grateful to the googolplexth power. Thanks, and that's it for now.



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