don't listen to those people; It's pronounced "kwin-o-ah"

don't listen to those people; It's pronounced "kwin-o-ah"

You know those ancient hi-wheeler bicycles had solid rubber tires. I don't care that at the end, they got some pneumatic tires. For most of their too long reign they had solid rubber on steel rims, and this is how some of them were mounted:

On another note, I had my light mounted to the handlebar and was riding home in the gushing rain in my poncho, which covered  it, so then I made this super slick light mount, and if this doesn't conjur up ways-for-you to do it other places, then I'm sorry, but it'll come to you.

As I'm looking at it I can already imagine other options. The thing is—this one is totally funktional. Bar tape holding the stick. There could be nine other ways and places, using these materials only, or maybe some spacer foam, depending on how crazy you want to go.


A friend of mine used to say he liked JEOPARDY because he learned so much from it. I don't believe it for a second. You hear the answer you didn't know, you say, OK, then you're off to the races again and an hour or day or week later, forget it, it's brand new all over.  Also, I think Alex Trebeck isn't as strict about answering in question form as he should be. If the answer is "Who is Bono?" then the answer is not "Bono", and then you get a second chance to rephrase it as a questiom. You should get the buzzer or the point loss and then the next person who didn't know it was Bono can answer it correctly and win the whole thing. It would make it interesting.

Here's our RIVEOPARDY version. It's not fair. There may be some poorly worded questions. You might get mad because -- people get mad. But here's the thing. If you participate, you have to mail it in on paper. We won't answer any questions. Some clues may not be perfect (but they're all pretty good). Send your finished things to:

RBW         2040 North Main #19           Walnut Creek, CA 94596


It's not fair to discuss questions/answers online. You can alert people to the quiz online. Please do!

It's human nature to want to know "what do I win?" Maybe nothing, maybe something, risk the time and the stamp. There will also be some drawings, so even you can win even with an F-minus.

write your contact info on the sheet--because we toss envelopes as soon as they're opened. Gone! So tell us how to get you. In the old Bstone days we had a really neat contest (Put a helmet on Pineapple Bob. You were to cut out the add and ad a helmet. The would-be-winner made a diarama in which Bob was mounted on cardboard with a blown-out eggshell helmet, and mounted on a rubber-band gun type thing you'd wind up and let fly and he broke the eggshell. It was Nobel-worthy, Oscar-worthy, but the entry contact was discarded along with the box it was written on (I didn't do it--somebody opened the mail, and "box-discarding" was standard Bstone practice). So--we tried, we put on thinking caps, we used sleuthery and Sherlock Holmes, but no dice, so no price. Second place got something really good. Possibly a bike. That won't happen now, but the story is true.

Postmarked by January 20!

It pays to be old with us so you might remember more, but maybe google can help you, and there will be some random drawings, too.




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