Fascinating Miscellany and Dave's Semi-Genuine Riveopardy ("rivvepurdie")


HHH tandem news:

Smalls are sold out but we're trying to get eight more. We have five spare larges and a couple of mediums--$1800 with the seat posts, stoker stem, headset, and fancy eccentric. We expect to deliver late Feb.

Here's the crank:


and here's the eccentric:

It's a Bushnell, expands like a stem or bar-end shifter. and doesn't require a slotted shell and pinch bolts or a grubby screw to hold it in place.

We're keeping a couple HHH frames of each size on hand for hardluck replacements--theft, whatever.

We changed one thing on the fork to make it 5 percent better, so when you get yours, it'll be deluxe.

Pictured is the BLUE. It's bluer than a Sam. If the sky were this color, whoa...but it looks great on a bike. They'll be decaled and badged, of course.


A Boulder customer sent us one of those automatic Danish wheels to put on a same-color ROSCO:

The rear wheel weighs 21lb, but the bike goes like a demon, and she's going to like it. Even with no e-assist, the bike rides nice, and on a flat road you can't even tell. Or can barely tell.


Here's a RIVEOPARY (no. 3)  that doesn't require you to have been a Rivendell customer and archivist for two decades...although a couple of the categories favor people who weren't born after 1980. Sorry about that. Feel free to google the answers, but when you submit, say whether or not you did that, so we know how impressed to be.


Mark got one of those Spur Cycle bells and thought it was too loud, so he cut it down and made it higher pitched and a bit softer. It still works well. Here it is with the cut-off piece leaning up against it:

I already like the sound of my brassy bell that I've had for 9+ years, but got the modification bug, and so:

I'm not proud of my work or that I even tried it. The brass is hard to drill with the drill we have here (used for plastic fenders), so I sawed a chunk off (note the flat bottom) and tried to grind slots in it, but that is a tough bell, so I quit early. It just clacks now. I understand why--there's nowhere for the sound waves to ricochet. It'll still work, but I won't do this again. I'd like to try polka-dotting a domey bell with holes, not to lighten it, but to looken it and --- it'll take me a while to get around to that.

Dave says Will and Roman here did it. I got most. Good luck to all, and same deal—send in your answers. Ideally on the quiz itself, but separate works. Postmarked by MonJan30.





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