CLEM-L by Dominic and TUBESTUFF at the BOTTOM

CLEM-L by Dominic and TUBESTUFF at the BOTTOM

Local and google-able rider Dominic East was curious about a CLEM L, and all we had left in his 59 size was a frame. He didn't have a chance to ride one--we sold the demo--but he lept forth anyway on a CLEMENTINE-decaled frame and built it up himself like this:

He's been riding the bike for a few months now, mostly on East Bay (around here) cowpastures and open spaces, and dropped by today to buy a something, I forget.

I think it's a freewheel. His drivetrain is pretty normal. The CLEMS have come with 38T big rings, but here's the 40x26 wide low.

His Zefal No. 4 pump fits here, and he ultra-secures with it a strap. This is a good way to carry a pump on a mixte-ish bike.

The L-style can be had decaled girl (shown here as CLEMENTINE) or boy (CLEM SMITH JR).

We're getting more in April. Silver and Green (two colors). The 45 and 52 will have skinnier diagatubes and seat tubes than the 59, and a different seat lug. But there's no cost or quality difference, they're all go good.

We're getting in about 100 of them, in the three sizes (45, 52, 59) and two new colors--current Cheviot Silver and old Cheviot Green---Will picked the colors and these are his favorites. At some point we may presell them, but not yet. Still, if you want to be notified a few days ahead of time on the presale (they'll be $1,450 if you pay ahead of time, and $1,500 if you go normal)...then email We're getting in qty's like...5, 7, 10, 11, 13. 17, and 20 of the different variants--not many 59s (ten CSJ, 5 CLEMENTINE) if you're interested in anything,let Will know, and you'll be alerted a few days in advance, possibly with another slight piddly incentive.


How much should a fork blade weigh?

The questions are almost stupid, but that doesn't mean I can't ask them in this way. If you weigh 170lb (lighter than average for an adult U.S. male), and then consider the forces a fork blade undergoes and the consequence of failure, then you would probably be happy to be riding on a fork blade that weighs this—

That's a SILVER road bike fork blade and it weighs 199.5g in its full 49cm length, and if you're more used to ounces and inches, that's 7oz and 19.3 inches.

BUT you don't use the full length of the blade. You, meaning we or they, cut off the top 3-4.5 inches of it, so there goes another 1.5 ounces or so, meaning your Sam Hillborn's right fork blade, no dropout or crown, weighs about 5.5 ounces. Two add up to 11 ounces, and then there are dropouts and the fork crown, and ours are kind of stout in both cases for good reasons related to function and your life. Anyway, there are 11 ounces of fork blades on a Sam Hillborne, and for all they do for you, that's a featherweight bargain.

-------We got in a new seat stay for us, for the Roadini. It would be fine on the Sam, too. It would be fine on any road bike in the universe. Here it is:

The fat end is 14mm, the wall thickness at that end is 0.8mm, and weighs 118g, or a hair over 4oz before cutting to length, so a hair under 4oz after chopping. So, less than 8oz per bike, and isn't that fine? Light enough?

-----all for now-------





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