catalog progressives

catalog progressives


wwill's sock and a Van's label.

Vans on a Grip King pedal.

Three rings.

Road, country, mountain

'ello, ladies...

'ello, trumpeters.

momma and child.

three good pedals on a bank of wood.

trigger shifters

roman's hand on bar-enders. this is exactly how to shift them.


tires and kettlebells

mountain and rubble

 titles and strong li'l cherub and more cherubs

 road to dirt trail

country trail kind of

bike with banana sack

same-like bike, less filled-in


three rings again

telephone poles and wires and birds

closeup of that. there's a tortoise and there are mushrooms. the birds are extra-obvious in this one


trumpet players

bike frame

bike frame, too

the platypus has been around for about 450 million years.

I just found out my dog has a wrecked back, and that's why she was shivvering. argh. I love that dog so much. I'm not caring about anything else right now.


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