AUG 30, hot here but it's no Houston.

AUG 30, hot here but it's no Houston.

Here's something interesting to the intersection of people who care about skin cancer and coral reefs. And here's a "safe" suncreen.

The sunscreens in sunscreens can be either chemical (made in a lab, like oxybenzone and some others) or mineral (like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), or a combo (like, some of both).

The healthy hippie save the earth way to go is with mineral sunscreens, where the active ingredient is either zinc or titanium or both. These are the whitish ones you have to rub in for about 15 seconds and with vigor, to make the white go away.

Canadian scientists believe even titanium dioxide might be a carcinogen

 But if you read the story, it's about dust and mice. This whole topic can get you going, but "reef safe" sunscreens is now a category like "gluten free," and I hope all "reef-killing" sunscreen makers--which is most of them---are reformulating.


Houston. It's supposed to be 108 here Friday, but we can't complain. Houston!



We (meaning Mark, mostly) bend a lot of rack stays around here. Sometimes you need to, usually not, but on one particular bike he did, so last week he made a form to help the bending, and it went something like this. (Photos aren't that good, sometimes the focus is on the wrong thing, but..whatever):

 At this point I didn't know what Mark was doing (except sawing).


 Drilling, right?

 He's making a wooden form for bending aluminum rack stays.


There are a few like this. Good composition and exposure, but some focus problems, minor, I don't care.

This one's fine, him blurry, action part sharp. He's laying into it.

There's a bent rod and the form.

 There's the result. Nifty!






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