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When you zip-tie anything, might as well use a double or even triple wrap. It can't hurt, right?

This is my Appaloosa, with shellac still drying. Not a neat job--I started it in the middle, then realized I wasn't catching the tap, so I jumped forward to get it and finished the job.  None of this makes sense for sub-zero tours in places with goat head thorns or glass, but when those aren't out there and you ride tires that don't get a lot of flats but might get stolen, these are ways.


According to the bike industry's top consultant's 2014 statistics, there are 4,000 independent bike dealers in the country, and guess how many are owned by African-Americans? Four tenths of a percent, or...sixteen.      I wonder how many of you ARE either African American or Jamaican or otherwise black........and also, how many of you know one of the sixteen A/A-owned bike dealers.

It's an interesting phenomenon and goes back a long way and there are lots of reasons, none of them good but they all make sense.

------ More Sardine Tin Art Stuff-----

This will be the most underappreciated art display in Walnut Creek, but it's still fun. I've started to put a few  images on the outer RIM, rather than inside. The pro: Bigger pick possible. The con: It hides the fantastic frame. I'm not locking in to either way. Yesterday we got two entries from Utah, and I added a few more to ours. Really quickly, no need to dwell, here they are--in hopes that more will come. As always, keep them in good taste and if they're in stinky tins we'll throw them out. Not all submissions will be posted here and none will be returned, for heaven's sake. Now here we go:

isn't this perfect? Comfy position, chubby tires, sweepy bars, platform pedals, clearly enjoying the scenery. I hadn't noticed until just now, the 808 or Bridgestone Owners Bunch logo, and for a minute I thought Brad added it. Then I checked the card with Roman and Rich, and it's printed on the card and is 808, and that led to a discussion.

It's not a link, you cut and paste.

A kippers tin. We're down to a few--I'll have to start eating more kippers.

This one breaks ranks—a salmon tin. They count too, but please no petfood tins. It's fish or nada. That's the rule, the theme, the requirement. Start your own pet food tin thing, if that's what you're into.

The area needs tidying up, but you can see how haphazard the display is. On the right are old-broken-thoroughly thrashed leather saddles. The Behrens garbage etc cans are there--I think I've noted before how much I like them. We used them more at our closed downtown store, and when we moved out we brought them up here. They're never empty, but they're not essential here, either.

RULES OF SUBMISSION REMINDER: Fish Tins. Written bicycle tips/wisdom or images related to bicycles. Write your name and location on the back of the tin. Mail to


2040 N. Main #19

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

-----------DELIVERY UPDATE EXPECTATIONS-----------------------

HHH (tandem): April 28  The orginal batch. If you ordered later, it'll be many months


CLEM L: May 28 --a blue and a green

                             45cm (almost zero...our Tokyo dealer bought a lot)

                             52cm (24 whole bikes, 10 frames)

                             59cm (22 whole bikes, 10 frames)

                             64cm (see CLEM H below)

ROADINI: Mid-August. (samples way sooner). A blue and a silver. Frames only

                             48cm (650B wheel 12 total, 6 of each)

                             51cm (700c)  32, sixteen of each

                             55cm  (32)

                             58cm (32)

                             62cm (24)

Signups on the ROADINI list will be notified before anybody else, and will get first shot. To sign up, click I wanna know about Roadini, I wanna be in the inner circle


CLEM H   Early SEPT      a silver and a green

45cm (20 bikes, 5 frames)

52cm (30 bikes, 15 frames)

59cm (18 bikes, 5 frames)

64cm L (we added it to the H production)---7 bikes, 5 frames) (maybe no color choice, and I don't know what it is--either silver or green. They're both good.)

All for now! Send those fishtins!












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