assorted stuff I've seen and read recently. Then a thing on the Small SaddleSack.

Here's where bikes are going, but not here. Quiet, low-'lution motorcycles, kind of---

and of particular interest to those of you of the Jewish faith....and for those of us not who have long given up "Jew" out of fear and respect...

and for those of the Hermit faith...


...of of the film faith—

In the next many months I'm trying to get about 100 pictures of stuff that goes on around here. Not much on Tri-X, but film, anyway. It slows down the builds—hold it right there, don't move / OK, sorry, do it again / Dang, one more time, OK?



We got a fork blade and smashed it with a hammer to see how it would respond. Would it crack? It didn't. This is one of a million reasons why steel is so good. I just love it, everything about it. Everything that suffers and is century-durable is made of steel.


The SMALL SADDLESACK is the one least overlapped with the rest of the saddlebags in the world, because it's by far the largest capacity saddlebag that fits in a small tire-to-saddle space without needing a rack or fender to keep it from rubbing the tire.

It's got to be the lightest and niftiest saddlebag that fits a 13-inch laptop, which is what it was designed to hold, among other things. At only $150 it's our cheapest saddlebag because it has one strap and no extra pockets. It's de-featured but not to the point of frustrating you; and it holds a MEDIUM amount of stuff, especially when you overfill it and tongue-flap the load down. You can make a Trader Joe's run with this bag.

this is what it looks like on Sam 55 with super low saddle, and Conti 42mm tire.

Side view, plenty of clearance. I shot this from slightly above, which makes it look closer to the tire than it is.

The essential tongue-flap was not part of the de-featuring.

Only the Small Saddlesack has this secret slot. You can evade it or use it, and there's enough friction there to make buckling--generally, unnecessary. So it's super fast in-and-out.

Yep, most of the time, this is good enough.

Maximal paranoia means using the slot and the buckle fully. Not even King Kong could open the flap now. Not even the Great King Kong.

All the colors. No--dang--we have brown, too. Picture "brown," and you've got it. They're all $150. Tan, Olive, and Blue are the most robust fabrics; brown and gray are the lightest. They're all fine.


















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