April early, Blahg No. 10: More nature, lots of pictures, no race this time.

April early, Blahg No. 10: More nature, lots of pictures, no race this time.

Boots killed bee:

A customer noticed it on one of the prototype-demo Bootses. It's a little out of focus, but I shot it quick on my iPhone.

Another nature story, skim it, you'll get the drift.  It's short.  Here.


It's the Czech translation of Eat Bacon, Don't Jog, the vegan marathoner's bible. In the English one, the subtitle is "get strong. get lean. no bullshit." So I'm thinking bullshit in Czech is probably copak, but does that mean no is jakepak? That's three syllables, which makes me think maybe bullshit is jakepak, and copak is no.


Apologies in advance, but whales, schmales...let's not forget the bald eagles.


I just noticed the scar in his hat. If you get a Boots with a similar scar, consider yourself lucky and don't squawk. We throw the headbadges in free. Seriously. That way...

This is my preferred thumby position on Bosco bars. I spend lots of time on the foregrips, and the levers are in reach. We don't generally set up bikes this way unless you ask, because most people can't visualize it and haven't tried it, so they feel like they're being told to make a big leap of faith, and it's worrisome. The normal  place, ahead of the brake lever, works well, too (or we woudn't do it). This position is known around here as "Keven Position," for friend/former Riv person Keven, who did it to his Boscos, and I saw it and though he was nuts.


This is Dan in back, Jay Ritchey in front, on Bootses in Briones park. Jay is the strongest rider I know, and tied for first place among the nicest people I know. I've known his dad longer, but Jay worked here 3+ years. He makes his own bags:



 This is a really steep hill, and that's my Clem L there where I caved in.

Jay had to move to avoid it, but I was doing him a favor, man. I put my bike on the gravel, so he'd know not to go there (low traction). But as soon as he passed my bike he got onto gravel and held it, so..what do I know?

This is on the way to the top of a hill I didn't think anybody could climb.


That's the bb of a fillet-brazed Boots. The thing to look at, if you want to know how to look at this, is the absence of pores or bubbles or holes in the brass. That is a sign of control/skill, and sometime--not to cast aspersions or doubt, but we're sitting here talking about this--sometimes bubbly or pin-holey brass is filled  in with putty and painted, and you'd never know--and frankly, shouldn't care, except that the skill needed to do THIS is higher than the skill needed to make a good base at the tube junctions, so you can trust the underneath stuff, too. If it's possible for a fillet brazed joint to be better than this, there'd be no point in it. 


It's not important, but if you want to see how a brochure shapes up when it's not all there yet and I'm working things out...let me see if I can do this. 

GUS MY TRY apr 3.pdf

No, it says I need http/..and I don't know how to do that.






 This is a ROUGH brochure. Not proofread or nothing.


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