Who Rides a Sam Hillborne?

Who Rides a Sam Hillborne?

 Name: Jessica but everyone likes to call me Jess.


Job: Industrial Designer, founder/designer/maker at Tunitas Carryall.


Years Riding: 10 years


How you got started (riding): I started riding a bike in college to get around. Eventually after feeling burnt out after college, I signed up to do a summer long group charity trip which I bike across the country to raise money and awareness about affordable housing. Completely fell in love with riding bikes after that.


Typical Ride: Something involving riding dirt.


Dream Ride: Grabbing a bunch of friends, riding around on trails all day, having not much of a plan, getting food at some point and enjoying each other's company.


Riding Goal: Get better at technical skills and technical terrain.


Why this bike: I wanted something to replace my 1990 Bridgestone MB-3. I loved the Bridgestone, and used it mostly for commuting, sometimes overnight campouts, but it was slow and heavy and I wanted something that had more ‘pep’ to it. The Hillborne seemed like the perfect bike for what I wanted to do and I’ve always wanted a Rivendell.

Favorite Food: Sushi or anything with noodles. 


I'm happy to have one of my favorite local bag makers on a Riv - She makes both the basket bag shown and the stem pouch, amongst others. Check them out on her site here. Here are more pics of the Sam:



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