Who Rides a Platypus?

Who Rides a Platypus?

Name: Mickaela aka Kaela


Job: Experiential Marketing Producer and HR Manager at The Field Scout


Years Riding: 30 something


How you got started (riding): I started riding on dirt trails as a kid until the sun went down.  Then in college, I bought a questionably built fixie from a friend for $50.  The frame was too large, and I had to jump to get off without brakes. My next bike was my grandmother’s 1961 Schwinn Traveler with a kickback hub that was too small for me. Then I was gifted a bike where I found my true stride.  My Platypus is a game changer, I can ride it anywhere, and I’m always comfortable.


Typical Ride: Ride around the city, dip into Forest Park for some forest bathing or a gravel trail.


Dream Ride: Riding with friends, finding a spot for a swim and a beer.

Riding Goal: Longer overnight rides.


Why this bike: I wanted something to commute to work in even if I wore a dress and ride gravel on the weekend.   


fav book: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami


fav. food: Tacos - you can make anything a taco


Thanks Mickaela!  Everything about this build is so cool and functional - I never even considered other housing colors than grey until I saw this bike. Simworks has a bunch of fun options.



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