Vaughn's Custom

Vaughn's Custom

This one was a long time coming. We had the same frame made last year, but, darnnit, we forgot the Schmidt dropouts that allow a dyno connection without the finicky plugs. That frame ended up going to my friend Mike who rides it constantly and likely wouldn't spec anything differently on his own custom, so it all worked out. Vaughn has been ultra-patient and he has a Hunq and Clem L to ride in the meantime anyway. And maybe a Legolas too, featured in this old vid.

Vaughn went with Rene Herse cantis which we've never used before but seem to work just fine and look great. There's also a Robert-style pump peg on the seatstay. I prefer this DIY peg to the braze-on hook; It's more interesting and it can be moved around to fit whatever pump you want to use. Here's an old blug on how to make your own.

He used a Hands On Wheels branded Onyx rear hub, which is the only high end hub I know of that's totally silent. It's even quieter than the humble Deore hubs we generally use.

That's a Sugino Mighty Tour double with an IRD Tripilizer middle ring, another deep dive into the bike-parts world. The triplizer works perfectly and is a great way to get a 24t ring on an old double crank. Only Riv customs get this headbadge, designed 27 years ago now.


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