Michelle's 50cm Atlantis

Michelle's 50cm Atlantis

Michelle got a pretty decked out Atlantis - ready for anything.

Our favorite small front rack and dyno light combo - the Mark's Rack and Schmidt Edelux.

Schmidt hubs look the best and, I think (not 100% sure) have less drag than the cheaper alternatives but I do like the plug-on style connector of the Kasai and Shimanos.

Nitto Choco bars always look good, especially in profile. Everything about this handlebar set up looks fantastic, and it'll only get better with sweat and dirt.

Chocos were designed to drop a little bit, like the scorcher bars you sometimes see on old timey bikes with huge headtubes, but everybody runs them the other way so they have a bit of rise. We specified the Nitto logo in both directions to encourage setting it up however you want.

Mark perfectly bends the struts to clear the v-brakes . I can tell from this photo that there's still a plastic covering on the headbadge; that'll be a satisfying peel-off for Michelle, a little bit like breaking a champagne bottle on the hull at a ship christening, or whatever it's called.

Triples aren't used as often as they used to be but most of us (all of us?) prefer this way to get a wide range rather than the 1x set up with a huge pancake cassette in the back. The Skeleton Key front derailer works great.

Good, solid, no-frills stuff back here.

DXRs are the best looking v-brakes under $100.

The rear light is a "Secuzed" and mounts perfectly on a fender.

Nitto is currently slammed with orders so to take a little pressure off of them, we told them they can tig weld all our racks. This one is fillet brazed, which has always been over the top fancy for something that you're just gonna slap bags onto anyway.

It does look nice though.

Great work picking parts Michelle! We really like how this one came out.


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