Leah's Platypus - Built up

Leah's Platypus - Built up

Leah’s is the first built up Platypus in the world. We had this frame made as a sample to make sure the changes we made to the drawings were what we wanted and, since we knew Leah wanted this color, we decided to have it painted her way from the get-go.

 Here’s a quote from an email she sent me:

“I remain completely besotted with the bike. It’s like a custom even though it’s a production bike. Fits me perfectly, does everything I want, and I can’t stop loving the look of it. I put it on IG obnoxiously because I think every photo I take of it is THE BEST EVER and then I have to share it.”

Our shipment, arriving in late February, will be in blue-ish silver and lime green metallic. Check the Platypus product page for pictures of the color tubes.


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