Josh's Rivendell Custom

Josh's Rivendell Custom

Josh is the current Riv patron saint of patience - this bike took a long time, and he never once was bummed out or anything, even though he had every right to be. It probably helped that he has a 65cm Clem H that he loves, but still... Sorry about the wait Josh. The bike came out really nicely between the laid back long geo, bright blue Joe Bell paint, and Mark's expert assembly. It'll be nice for Josh to have another frame he can set up differently than his Clem. Dig that pump and Mark's tricky rear dyno wiring!

Yellow tape with amber shellac looks good on blue bikes.

Joe Bell always puts in 100%. Rock steady!

I love a fillet brazed shell.

One of the many small bikey-genius things Mark does that generally go unnoticed. 

Beautiful! Thanks Josh.


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