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Soma Cazadero Tires - Various sizes



Product Details

These are our favorite mixed terrain tires and are a perfect choice if your rides have a good portion of both road and trail sections. Cazaderos have a smooth center tread so there's minimal buzz on the road but they do have some side lugs so cornering on dirt isn't a total gamble. These are the lighter Panaracer sidewalls, but we're going to get them eventually with the brown, more durable Shikoro sidewall.  I (Will) have used the 42mm version and wouldn't hesitate to do an all-road ride on them either; They feel great.

Only available in 42 and 50mm for now.

For Rivs we recommmend:

Sams n Homers - 42mm

Atlantis, Appaloosa, Clems, and Platypi - 50mm

Susie/Gus- 50mm will work but you'll be at the skinny end of what the frames are designed for, so don't pedal thru corners.

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