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I want my Riv frame prepped for shipping

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We'll ship your frame unprepped unless you request prepping. Maybe your friend can do it, but friends are always risky. Prepping includes:

  • Aligning rear derailleur hanger, as Mark is doing to the left there. They all need it. If you take your frame unprepped, have a shop do it ($25?) or your bike won't shift as well as it should. If you have the tool and know how to do it, more power to yu.
  • Installing the fork and properly adjusting the headset
  • Laying down a chainstay protector. No bubbles, that's a Riv guarantee.
  • Installing the BB guide
  • This is the big one: repacking the frame and fork in a bigger box and securing it for shipment. With the fork installed, the frame won't fit into the original box, so we order custom boxes and packing material just for prepped frames. The $90 here includes the cost of the custom box, materials, and labor.

If we're back up, we ship unprepped frames first.