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  Silver Bar End Shifter Pods Mounts (Pair) - 17068

Made in: Taiwan

Availability: back in stock
product code: SH13

These are virtual but ethically produced knock-offs of Shimano bar-end shifter pods, and allow you to mount most downtube shifters as bar-end shifters. If you already have Silver DT shifters, or SunTour Sprints, you'll need these to convert them to bar-end shifters. These are neat and smart, and ours alone.

Here is a short video of how we mount them onto a noodle handlebar.

In the old days these would allow you to put most any down tube shifter, but that's not the case anymore. There are ways to monkey with certain parts of the system, washers and spacers from Shimano downtube shifters and so forth, but it is beyond the scope here to explain the play-by-play solutions, and none are easy. So, get these pods here only if you have down tube shifters that mount onto brazed-on shifter bosses without special spacers specific to that particular model shifter. We have centuries of experience here, but telling us you have a Trek Whatever from the '90s or a SunTour shifter from Whenever doesn't provide sufficient information to determing whether these will work.

- If you have a Campy dt shifter from the '70s, no problem. - If you have a SunTour friction dt shifter from the '70s, PROBABLY no problem.
- If you have SunTour Sprint dt shifters, definitely no-problem.
- If you have Shimano dt shifters then you need to get the Shimano spacers.

But anything else, it's probably not going to work. Silver shifters are better anyway---just get them.

If the shifter mounts onto a steel frame using just that round spacer with the square hole and the bent foot-stop, the aluminum one that virtually all pre-indexed, brazed-on style downtube shifter used, then ok.

They fit in handlebars made to be bar-end compatible. The base of the pods is 19mm, so if the interior diameter of your handlebars is less than that, yer outta luck.

Work on all of our bars except bullmoose and dove.

Sold per pair.

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May require modification for 9 speed dt indexing July 11, 2015
Reviewer: Nathan from Victoria, BC Canada  
Works great with silver shifters obviously, but I wanted to use them with the Dura Ace 7700 9 Speed SIS DT shifters. They would not shift to all 9 clicks (the biggest cog would not click in), but after a little filing they work perfectly. Just be aware that if they don't work out of the box all you might need is a file.

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"All Hat, no Cattle" October 2, 2014
Reviewer: Danny J Bingham from Austin, TX United States  
In Texas that might be taken as an insult but these guys are from CA and as such are too cool to mind. I'm referring to the product description. If you shop here you're already used to a lot of Hot Air, but this description has way too much "HAT" and not much of a product description. If you love bar-end shifters these pods are good, but a serious design flaw causes these to fall way short. Look at the picture...see the 'post' in the POD? It is placed at the same angle as it's placed on the downtube. This angle is the flaw. The result are shifters that rise up to an Obtuse Angle as you progress through the speeds instead of the preferred Reflex Angle. If the 'post' in the POD was angled farther down toward the ground this could be avoided. I'm using this product with a Uniglide 6 speed SIS system...that's only five 'clicks', so I pitty those converting 8,9, or more speeds to Bar-End shifting. But, try as you may you'll find nothing cooler.

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Suntour shifters April 15, 2013
Reviewer: Kyle Hale from Knoxville, TN United States  
I purchased a set of the pods for my 1985 Nishiki but the downtube shifters I had did not work.  The next week I found a set of Suntour swift shifters (what the silvers are copied from) in a box of derailers at the local bike co-op.  This bike hasn't shifted this nice since new.

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Best method to convert to bar end shifters March 14, 2013
Reviewer: josh delord from moody, TX United States  
I just finished installing these silver shifters on my vintage schwinn prelude converting the stock suntour accushift DT shifters to bar end. My biggest complaint is that I had to slightly alter both the shifters and the pods to mount them correctly, on the shifters I had to grind off the concave curve that fit against the DT bar so that it would sit flush in the pod. I also had to cut a notch in the pod so that the stopper on the shifter would fit correctly, but overall minor issues. The shifters work as well as ever and it even still indexes perfectly, over all I'm very pleased with this upgrade and it makes my bike much more functional.

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Work Flawlessly with 1991 Trek 1200 Shimano RX100 September 15, 2012
Reviewer: Mike from Worcester, MA United States  
As far as the product goes, it works just fine. I was able to keep my indexing with the optional spacers as well. Figured I would tell anyone with a similar bike/groupset.

Even though there are "Centuries of Expierence here" I guess it ruffles feathers to ask questions/advise apparently. Two bike forum searches and I got my answer. No need to tap into your Centuries of Expierence. Sorry to bother you. I promise it won't happen again. Certainly not from me anyway.

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