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Due to a frequency of fraudulent orders for this item, we don't ship it to Indonesia, Singapore or Hong Kong. Thank you for understanding.
Made in: Sweden

Availability: Not sold internationally
product code: CAMP6


Please Note: We do not ship Trangia stoves to Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia or to reshipping houses domestically. We get at least one order per month for these things with stolen credit cards. Why this item? Why five at a time?

Customer writes: I bought the Trangia stove a while back, having been a lifelong MSR Whisperlite user. All I can say is: thank you, thank you, thank you for going through the hassle of importing these and promoting/selling them on your website. Elegance. Silence. Simplicity. An absolute pleasure to use. The jet-engine noise, blowtorch-like heat production, and the mechanical fussiness of the MSR will never be missed. On a recent bicycle tour in Colorado my traveling companion said she just liked watching me cook on my "new stove" because I "exude a childlike joy." It's as simple as this: the Trangia is the Platonic Ideal of a backpacking stove. It could not be improved upon. ---Jason M.

Trangia stoves and cook-kits were developed more than 70 years ago, all the bugs were worked out 60 years ago, refinements were added 50 years ago, and and the design has been 96 percent static and 99 percent perfect ever since. Trangia offers too many oodles of cookset variations all built around the same burner, base, and windscreen. We offer the ones that make the most sense and are the best value, with hard-anodized aluminum pots, plain aluminum pots supports and windscreen, and the same alcohol burner Trangia puts in all its cooksets. We're the only source for this combo in the states, and we have a limited supply. It was, frankly, a pain in the neck to get them, and we're well aware that not many bike riders have an interest in cooking sets. But IF you do, you can buy either of these blindly, and you'll have a killer set-up for the rest of your life.

Trangia's world-wide popularity far exceeds its fame in America, but that's mainly because American products tend to be rated on the Nascar Rating System, which, in the stove and cookpot world, values boiling speed above all else. But when it comes to ease of use, pleasantness of use, and even actual performance in howling weather, the Trangia is our favorite. It burns denatured alcohol, available anywhere, always cheap. It is as quiet as pure silence, so you can talk in normal tones around the stove. There's nothing scary, noisy, or explosive about it. There are zero moving parts. The ONLY part you'll EVER have to replace is the rubber O-ring in the burner lid, and a couple spares costs only four bucks and we have them. There's a simmer-lid, too. It's all there, and it's easy. There are no canisters to discard, and alcohol is not as volatile as white gas.

One burner full of alcohol (2 to 3 ounces) seems to be enough for a meal and a half. There are Trangia nuts on the internet who have the fuel-efficiency program down to a science, and some claim 9oz lasts them a week. That's either quite impressive or a stretch of the truth, but it is not unreasonable that one could refine one's technique with constant use, and stretch the fuel out even more than the intrepid hacks here at Rivendell Bicycle Works. Denatured alcohol burns cooler than white gas or propane, but you don't cook on max heat at home, and you needn't do that in the woods, either. We use this all the time for tea, soup, spaghetti, pancakes, and fishy soup-stew combos.

You can buy alcohol cheap by the gallon, and carry it with you either in a Trangia fuel can (if you want to buy into the whole Trangia system), or in small Nalgene bottles, available at REI and most camping stores. The pot support and windscreen work together to provide a rock-solid base and 99 percent protection from even 30 mph winds. Trangia makes a medium and a large set, with various combos of pot sizes and fry pans and finishes. We offer the smartest deluxo-combo available, with plain aluminum windscreen and pot support, hard-anodized aluminum pots, and a frying pan (which doubles as a top for the pots). You also get the stove itself and a pot-gripper.

Trangia stoves have proven themselves for seventy years all over the world, and are equally good in your back yard and in the high, snowy mountains. They are our stove of choice on our bike-camping trips, and if you can get past the relatively high price (they are made in Sweden, after all), you'll have the last camping stove you ever need to buy. This is one of those things that we have to offer, even if nobody buys it. It's really that good, and this incarnation--with the hard anodized cookpots--is the best one out there. And when you price premium (hard anodized, for instance) cooksets plus stoves, maybe the high price isn't so bad after all. Not cheap by any means, but it is top quality and made in Sweden. Get the 27 (small) for one to two people. Get the 25 (bigger) for 3-4 people. Weights and capacities and prices: Small (27): Two 1-liter pots and a frying pan. 720g (1 lb 9.3 oz) Large (25): One each 1.5-liter and 1.75-liter pots and a fry pan. 865g (1lb 14.4oz) If you're intrigued but confused about how to actually use it, go to videojug.com and search: How to use a Trangia stove. Trangia's website. Our kits are the 25-7 UL/HA (large) and 27-7 UL/HA (small).

trangia from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo.

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RBW Nailed The Perfect Trangia Combo October 9, 2014
Reviewer: Alpine Turk from Anchorage, AK United States  
I'm a reformed 35-year MSR user, w/ a bin full of stoves; white gas & canister. I trusted Rivendell w/ their Atlantis, so I trusted their call on the Trangia 27-7. Rivendell ab-so-lutely nailed it. They identified the ultimate holistic cookset system. The 27-7 is the pièce de résistance of stove systems. I'm liquidating the whole bin. The refined simplicity & efficiency of the 27-7 profoundly outperforms all my other stove/pot combos on all accounts: weight, dependability, reliability, simmer, speed, convenience, grooviness, etc. I just returned from an early winter climbing trip: short days, 20 degree F bivy, 4,500', wind, snow, ice. We totally depended on the 27-7. It performed like a champ. I never even thought about ol' brand X back home in the stove bin. I feel like a sucker for buying into the blowtorch-stove mentality for all these years, when the Trangia was there all along. Go jetboil your whisperlite. The only stove I'm carrying is Rivendell's Trangia 27-7.

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Trangia July 31, 2014
Reviewer: BG from Vastra Frolunda, - Sweden  
I live in Sweden. I was born and raised with these stoves which I guess makes me totally biased. But many years ago when smaller, lighter, faster propane or multifuel stoves became available here I tucked away the Trangia. It felt so old, big, heavy and boring. I was dead tired of that old piece of dinged aluminum crap with its ugly leaking fuel bottle. I needed lighter, faster and cleaner in my backpack. I tried a different burners/stoves and learned  this: When it's windy and cold you need protection. Pots still weigh and take up the same room in the backpack. Propane does not work well in cold conditions.

I am now back using the Trangia. But it took me many humbling years to realise this. Main reason is weather protection, it's so much better than anything else out there. MUCH BETTER!

I have a propane burner that fits but use liquid fule (the silence!). Back on square one now enjoying outdoor life with my own kids. Using the same old stove.

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My Favorite piece of camping gear March 3, 2013
Reviewer: Scot Schroeder from Holiday, FL United States  
After I bought my bike I used the annual rebate that I had earned to buy this stove. I finally got to use it last fall when I took my family camping in the Ocala National forest. It came in very handy. I used it to cook breakfast every morning and several times to heat canned goods. It is very simple to use and fast, fast, fast. can literally go from packed to a piping hot can of pork and beans in just a few minutes. After doing some research online I have found the automotive product "Heet" to be a great fuel that comes conveniently bottled for packing. The Trangia stove is my very best piece of camping gear.

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Great little stoves January 23, 2013
Reviewer: Anne from California  
The Trangia is light, small, simple and quick. You can get into camp, pull out the stove, pour in fuel, and in minutes you've got a hot drink.  Moreover, the fuel is readily available in small quantities, unlike white gas, which comes in gallons-- and what do you do with a gallon of fuel if you're a solo bike camper?

While the other people are fiddling with clogged jets and worrying about priming, you're having your dinner.

Whatever the promotional material may say, the stove only works for a solo camper or two people cooking together. It just doesn't produce enough food for more than two. But for one or two people, it's supreme. I can't believe I spent so many tours using white gas stoves.

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How could it be better? September 25, 2012
Reviewer: Liesl Chatman from Minneapolis, MN United States  
simple, light, quiet, readily available fuel, inexpensive, does the job

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