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Just Ride

A collection of eighty-nine micro-essays ranging from a hundred and fifty to about eight hundred and fifty words, but averaging four hundred, on many familiar and some unfamiliar topics. The chapters are:

Riding, Dressing, Safety, Health & Fitness, Accessories, Upkeep, Technicalities, and Velosophy. There’s a mix of instruction and opinion, and as a Free Bonus, you get medical advice involving the drawing of blood. (The author has his A.A. degree, so you can ignore the publisher's disclaimer before the table of contents.)

It would be somewhere between rare and freaky for anybody to agree with all of it, but for the record, I actually do, which is why I wrote it. But for anybody who isn’t me, I think the most I could hope for is maybe 81/89. Some of you may be down around 65/89. But take heart---there’s room to grow, there.

All in all, Just Ride is sort of a manual for the Unracer—the rider looking for a reason to shuck the click-in pedals and uncomfortable bikes and grueling rides, without feeling like it’s throwing in the towel. It’s full of suggestions and recommendation on riding your bike outside the strange and often dysfunctional influences of racing, and having a better time on the bike because of it.

Hi Grant,

Thank you for joining us on the show today. It was great to have you with us for a little while and I hope you also enjoyed yourself. We received a deluge of calls, email, and tweets about biking, with several letters telling us how "refreshing" they felt your viewpoint to be. I guess you're right when you say that bike culture has become so extreme toward the racing end that your words of common sense sound refreshing and radical. There is obviously a real demand among our listeners for a more bike-friendly environment.

I am sending a link to the show's webpage on our public media website, Your Public Media, which includes a podcast to today's show. Please feel free to post it to your website if you like.


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Permission Slip March 13, 2014
Reviewer: Mike from Scottsdale, AZ United States  
My first time writing a review, for anything, ever.  I read this book twice within a few days of receiving it and then lent it to a friend.  I think he summed it up best when he returned it..."It's like a permission slip to have fun".  Exactly.

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Just Ride September 14, 2013
Reviewer: Ralf Grosser from Mühltal, Hessen Germany  
Dear Grant, I realy enjoyed reading your book ust ride.
I dont agree on all but on most of what you wrote about how to enjoy rideing bikes.
On Carbon frames, here is a story, I have from an engineer in Frankfurt, who worked for insurence companys. When steelframes failed he was given the compleat  failed frames to evaluate. Aluminium frames later came in sevaral pieces in a box.
Carbon frames nowdays, he only gets in small boxes, containing  even smaller broken apart bits.

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Fun and informative reading June 3, 2013
Reviewer: K. K. from Maryland, United States  
I've ridden countless bicycles over the last 50 years or so, since those early, sunny days on Moreno Ave. in Palo Alto, Ca., but hadn't really given much thought to what I like and dislike about bikes generally, and the bike business, and why. I found that Just Ride's straightforward explanations and opinions about bike-riding, bike-equipping and everyday bike use, prompted recognition and new appreciation of many aspects of the full bicycling experience I may have only dimly considered or wondered about, but lacked the experience to generalize from. Now I can even feel slightly more justified in my previously vague biases for and against certain biking "tendencies", among other things. Thanks for your book and all your contributions to making bikes even more enjoyable and useful.

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Just ride November 17, 2012
Reviewer: John McCarty from SIOUX FALLS, SD United States  
A good read especially for someone who is relatively new to recreational cycling.  Like the  cover states, it is a practical guide to riding your bike.  I enjoyed the constant encouragement of making riding "fun."

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Grant at his finest November 7, 2012
Reviewer: Marty from Oakland, CA United States  
Grant Peterson has a point of view about many things. It resonates for most of us, or we wouldn't be here. This book is a collection of his thoughts about cycling and other things as well.

Grant writes well and respectfully. And even when he is wrong (e.g., condemning carbs without distinguishing refined sugar from broccoli) he is provocative and thoughtful.

Get it. Read it. Enjoy it. And celebrate what Grant brings to cycling -- which is a lot.

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