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  Brand V Bar Tube - Tan - 20197


Made in: CT

product code: BAVBT

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Our always popular Bar Tube, now bovine-free for vegans. Every bit of unleather in it comes from the US, and the bag itself is made in Waterbury, CT. It's a basic bar tube that attaches with vecro straps (stitched onto cotton military spec webbing), and keeps a small load handy. Put it on your bike, and it won't come off. With 3M Scotchlite stripe. That stuff is super bright. It's, like, blinding. Fits any handlebar, even the wonderful-but-hard-to-bag Moustache H'bar. Also works as a small saddlebag.

*We shouldn't have to say this, but please don't put waxed cotton bags into a washing machine -- especially not hot wash!

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A Cruelty-Free Bar Bag! January 28, 2015
Reviewer: Scott from Davis, CA United States  
I'm not the best vegan in the world.  I sometimes drink milk, or have a little yogurt.  Sometimes eat fish too.  I wear leather belts and shoes, just can't find good alternatives.

So I really appreciate Rivendell's efforts to please us vegans and vegan wannabes.  

This bag is bigger than I expected.  You can really put a lot into it.  It may be too big.  All that space tempts me to really load it up.  

The canvas is very thick, but light-weight.  It is a very well-built bag.  It will outlast me.  My kids will probably be arguing over who gets it after I'm gone.

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nice bar bag December 29, 2014
Reviewer: Dirt P from College Station, TX United States  
I bought this bag to keep a few essentials up front so I can grab them without dismounting.  I keep stuff like a camera, phone, wallet, keys, etc. in here. It does sag a little, but it's no problem at all.  I'd definitely buy it again, and am sad I waited so long in the first place.

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Nice portable bag but does need more support October 10, 2013
Reviewer: Colin Macdonald from Seattle, WA United States  
I use this on a couple bikes to hold essential tools including a pump and valuables like my wallet and phone.  It is easy to remove from the bike so I can switch between bikes or take it off when I park the bike so all those valuables stay safe with me.  It even has a nice shoulder strap so I can carry as a purse (or my case a man-purse).  I can also put my expensive front light in there so that doesn't get nicked when I park the bike.  

But I have to agree with Tyson that this bag could use some more support in the form of a thin plastic stiffener, to give the bag shape so that it doesn't droop and distort the zipper opening (and look a little sad as well).  I took a sheet out of a smaller bag I found, but this bag could really use it's own.  I'm looking for a sheet I could cut to fit, but the bag should be designed to accept those with sewn in flaps on the inside.

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Nice bag but too baggy and floppy for my taste. September 3, 2013
Reviewer: Tysen Sherry from Hartsdale, NY United States  
The materials and construction are high quality and the look is sophisticated and sharp but I like the way the bag functions.

1) The tube shape is not reinforced and even slightly heavy item like a wrench can cause the bag to droop pulling the sides in and unfolding the zipper cover . This is partly cosmetic but also makes it harder to manage the contents. This could be helped by adding one's own reinforcement but it could be done better if the bag were sewn over a stiff form.

2) The lack of a mounting point for the stem lets the bag sway fore and aft significantly during climbing. Some setups might preclude the use of a third attachment but I think the bag suffers by not having one available. The otherwise clever D-rings and straps on the sides of the bag aren't much in this instance as using them to secure the bag to the stem or head tube folds the bag over making it difficult to remove and replace the contents.

These complaints hold for it's use as a saddle bag as well.

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Excellent handlebar bag August 9, 2012
Reviewer: Joan from Arlington, VA United States  
The description of this bag does not do it justice.  It's a great handlebar bag, beautifully made, holds more than expected.  It stays in place really well, without drooping, even when loaded with stuff.  I don't have a place for a larger bag, so I bought this one to replace a national brand droopy one.  One thing I was concerned about was how easy it would be to access the bag contents while riding.  I like to easily reach snacks and my camera while riding.  The super double-ended zipper is very easy to manipulate one-handed.  

So this is what I had in the bag on a recent tour: a rolled up rain jacket, full size, a small but not tiny camera, my smartphone, 3 snack bars, small bottle handwash.  It swallows stuff but it was easy to position the camera and snacks for easy access.  

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