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Sackville ShopSack Medium - Olive

The L and M are made to fit perfectly into Wald Large and Medium baskets. Obviously a MED Shopsack will fit into a L basket, but less obviously until you think about it, a Large Shopack not flled to the brim, will also fit into a MED basket. Does that make size-selection confusing? Sorry! Get the size to fit your basket. Then if you have get another basket or another size Shopsack later, use whatever combo's at hand.

To secure them, use a Captain Hook Net or a small carabiner or other handy hooky thing you get at a campling store. Sometimes the load itself will keep it all down, but if you ride bumps, best to hold it down with something other than gravity.

We used to offer both olive and tan models, but now have 50/50 also. We'll probably shift to the 50/50s entirely by the end of this year.

The Sackville ShopSack is a better shopping bag than anything you can buy at REI or at the checkout counter. It's wider than tall, so it's way easier to load, and things don't pile up as much and get squished so easily. It has handles made of the best U.S.-made military spec webbing that will never, ever crap out on you, and a zipper to hold everything inside, inside.

The combination of expensive Scottish all-cotton fabric we import ourselves and American labor don't make a cheap bag, and at one point in the development, we were looking at retail price of close to $75. For a bag whose main purpose (grocery tote) was so mundane, and the $75 price seemed insane, and so we stripped it of complications until the only things left were a handle that works in your hands or over your shoulder; and strips of reflective tape so you'll be seen at night.

There's no cell-phone pocket or Kangaroo pocket, no wallet sleeve inside, no zipper guard, no shoulder strap, no leather, no mesh water-bottle pocket. There's no feature surprising, excessively thoughtful, or clever. It's just a shopping bag that works with a basket (or without) and will last twenty years.

We know from experience that it also works great as a tote bag, a camping/touring bag, and a briefcase-type thing. All of our prototypes are used daily, in baskets. They'll be replaced with real ones soon, and sold at the weekend garage sales.

Outside of a basket, your ShopSack is a nice tote, a great shopping or beach or camping bag or carry-on.

Flat Dimensions:

Large ShopSack - 28" x 13.5"

Medium ShopSack - 21.5" x 10.5"

*We shouldn't have to say this, but please don't put waxed cotton bags into a washing machine -- especially not hot wash!

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Four Years of Everyday Use May 15, 2015
Reviewer: Matthew L from Santa Clara County, California  
It routinely goes to the gym, the office, and the supermarket.  It is the best design I've ever used.

- It is easy to carry off the bike, but the straps don't get in the way *on* the bike.
- It "detaches" in seconds.
- Easy to pack groceries in.  It just sits there on the checkout counter with its bottom flat and its side standing up and its mouth open.
- Equally easy to pack and peer into on the bike.
- Overpacks with grace.  I can 80% zip it with an olive oil bottle sticking out the top.
- Waterproof enough.  That's not faint praise.  The fabric has repelled any water ever thrown at it.  The zipper is theoretically a weak point, and it might be on a tour in rainy weather.  But so far, no problem.
- Looks great.  Only looks better with use.

For most folks, before you try a rear rack and waterproof panniers (also useful!) or a handlebar bag with a decaleur, try the front rack, basket, shopsack approach.  It's good.

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Yep October 9, 2014
Reviewer: EG from San Francisco, CA United States  
I have been considering this bag for the better part of two years.  During that time, I have had a Wald basket strapped to a Nitto mini-front coupled with a simple cotton tote bag/cargo net.  I would always end up with an awkward load if the bag was more than half full and would need to tie the straps in a knot to prevent any contents from slipping out.  This bag has been a revelation - no more floppy bags and knots to deal with in the rain.  An added bonus is that the Shopsack Medium will easily swallow an 8.5 x 11" folder (I teach and often bring home student work to analyze).

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excellent bag, i use it every day. April 17, 2014
Reviewer: Ben from Albany, NY United States  
simply put, this is a great bag. it's rugged, fits perfectly in the Wald basket, and looks like an army duffel. i've started using it on my non-bike commutes too.

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Shopsack Med October 11, 2012
Reviewer: treor from CA United States  
Zipper is the only weak link.  Have been using it for close to a year, and the zipper will often separate if you try to stufftomuchin. Other then that - love everything about it.

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Wotta bag for my spouse! March 12, 2012
Reviewer: Mike Tuomey from Detroit  
She loves it clipped into the Wald basket on the front of her BF.  She drops her purse and jacket or what-she-has into its big ole mouth, zips it up, and off we go.  Capacious, not stuffy.  Much preferred by her to a saddlebag or other rear mount alternative.

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