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  Sackville BarSack - Olive - 20208



product code: BASBS

Sackville BarSack dark greenish olive (For drop, Albatross, Dove, Bosco or straight bars only)

About seven to nine years ago we had two other handlebar bags, made-for-us by Carradice, and then a Baggins (our brand then) model. They were both made to fit onto the Nitto Boxy Bag Rack (which Nitto calls the F-15), and so is this new Sackville BarSack.

Those were good bags, but this one is way better. It's made for us by Waterbury, and nobody in the world makes bags that good. And compared to those bags--which were fine--the Sackville BarSack is easier to use, less fiddly, quicker to access.

Dimensions of the main pocket in inches: 9.5" wide to side x 7" front-to-back x 8" tall. In metrically: 242mm x 178mm x 203mm.

Capacity in cubic inches, not counting pockets: 532 cubic inches.

The main pocket opens and closes with magnets. They work well, don't wear out, and make life with bag easy. You lift up to open. There's nothing to buckle or hook or zip, and gravity closes it for you.

There's a zippered pouch inside the main pocket. It's about 6.5 tall" x 8.5 wide", and good for whatever you want to keep separate.

There are two pleated pockets on the sides for more things you want to keep outside of the main pocket. Your patch kit, sunglasses, or a glucose kit?

On the front of the bag there's a zip pocket, the only pocket you can't get to while riding.

So: One main pocket, four smaller ones. That's enough!

Weight capacity:
Three or four pounds? It doesn't sound like a lot, but when you add up the kinds of things a bar bag is for, you'll be hard put to come up with more than that: A rainshell, extra wool layer, beanie, mittens, shades, cell phone, camera, mace, a snack, and if it's your only bag, maybe your wallet, too. If you can't do that in three and a half pounds, you're stuff is too dense. Your repair kit and tools go best in a seat pack, since they're dense and you probably won't use them.

The underside of the BarSack is leather, and there's a slot in it, so if you're out on a ride and come upon something that weighs seven pounds and it fits in the bag and you just must bring it home, run a strap under the bag, through the slot, and up over the brake levers, and tie it off. It's like a hammock.

There are four D-rings on the outside of the flap. This map case (not included) fits onto two of them perfectly. If you don't need a map case, keep some elastic cord on the d-rings, so you can keep a shirt or hat or something there.

It requires the BarSack Rack; don't even try to make it work without it. That rack is not cheap but it's worth it, and required. And this bag at $182, is also not cheap. But for $250 or so you've got a really nice handlebar bag supported by a super duper rack.

Scottish fabric, California-design, Connecticut-made.

There are lots of good handlebar bags out there. This one has the design and features we prefer. The best we've seen and used.

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Favorite Bike Bag February 1, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous from Boulder County, CO United States  
I bought this bag for a mini-tour I was going to be doing last summer & although the tour didn't take place, the bag has turned into my most loved bike bag. My Riv SH has always been a little unruly on the front end, but with this bag mounted with the (not included) rack, it has completely changed (for the better) the handling. Beyond the handling difference it's made, the bag itself is plenty large without being ridiculously huge. I can fit a camera and an extra lens and still have room for a & sleeved sweater &/or wallet. I can use it for storage of my bike lock & various needs, or it comes in handy for last minute trips to the store to pick up a few items. It's incredibly sturdy & well-made and has stood up to rain, snow, wind & sun without showing much wear. It doesn't do super great when the weight gets beyond the 4-5 pound point, but it wasn't really meant to hold heavy loads. Really happy with this purchase.

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A perfect bag. February 8, 2013
Reviewer: Paul Y from Chiang Mai, Thailand  
I received this bag a few days ago. Build quality is amazing. The bag has been in 3 tropical rainstorms already and has remained dry inside. It slides off the Nitto rack in about 7 seconds. My favourite feature by far though, and the reason I bought it, was for the magnetic flap.

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Outstanding. Puts other front bags to shame November 3, 2012
Reviewer: Marty from Oakland, CA United States  
Great bag on any bike. Really stable, unlike the shoestring-attached bags, which never worked for me. The magnets make for outstanding closure while riding. Takes the plastic route map well. Waterproof enough. The rack is killer too. Great design!

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Excellent handlebar bag!!! June 20, 2012
Reviewer: Ryan M. from Kentucky  
This bag's design is top notch, it is very well made and just plain works. I use this bag on a Sam Hillborne with Noodle Bars as a replacement for a small nitto front rack and a small trunk sack. I am glad I made the switch. The magnet closure of the main pocket is brilliant; I can easily get to the contents while riding at speed. This is something that several other handlebar bags I have tried failed at because of design faults.

It looks great on the bike too, one of the best looking bags out there in my opinion.

It isn't waterproof though, so if you are looking for something that will take you through a monsoon you should look at something else. I keep stuff I want to stay dry in small waterproof cinch sacks and that has worked well keeping the water out.

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Amazing! March 8, 2012
Reviewer: Andre from San Francisco, CA  
The attention to detail in the design of this bag and associated support system reminds me why I keep coming back to Rivendell.

The price is very reasonable considering what you get. The Nitto made support attachment is the quality you'd expect and holds the recommended weight with ease.

The bag itself is attractive, rugged, and replete with features that are amazingly useful. The inclusion of two side pockets and an internal pocket makes organization a breeze. The main compartment is perfect for holding a jacket and food for fast access. The magnetic closure is one of my favorite features, making the bag easy to open and close with one hand while on the move.

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