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  no discontinued Nigel Smythe Seat Pouch, tweed - 20148


Made in: England

product code: BANSP


This has been our most popular small seat bag for years, because it's so classy, simple to use, and there's just nothing wrong with it at all. It'll be interesting to see how its popularity stacks up against Keven's bag, though--at roughly half the price. What one can do, the other can.

Most of the time it goes on the saddle, where you can route the straps over the seat rails, or through the saddlebag loops.  It also fits onto the stem, with the bottom strap then going around the head tube. It's not as slick a mount, but it works fine anyway.

It is derived from a Gilles Berthoud seat bag. Copied, you might say. Ours is a little bigger and has an internal sleeve and a way to attach a red flasher light onto the outside, but when you get right down to it, ours is a copy. An excellent copy, but a copy.

Cubic inches: 141
Liters: 2.3
Peanuts in the shell: 422

NS&S Seat Pouch
23cm/ 9" tall
15cm/ 6" wide at top
9cm/ 3.5" wide at bottom
13cm/ 5" deep

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