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  Bandanna - Dark Blue


Made in: South Carolina

product code: AZ3-BLUERW

This is so dark blue that it looks black unless you have a black bandanna to compare it with and even then it's hard to tell the slight diff between the two.

A basic, 22" x 22" all-cotton, made-in-USA bandana that has kept the sun off backs, the dust out of noses, the sweat out of eyes, and the hair out of faces for 150 years. And you can blow your nose in it, wipe your hands on it, do whatever you want with it.

Only $3.

We say this: Bandanas are useful, these are the best, and at $3 each, you can collect them all and not go broke doing it.

Note: These are substantial, manly bandanas, and they come to you stiff. I don't know why, but they're stiff, and it takes about five washings to get it all out of them. So, wash them with every load for a while. The first time gets ride of about 35 percent of it. Maybe fabric softener, I don't know. There's nothing weird about them; they're just spanking new bandanas. We looked at a few before deciding on these. These are really the best bandanas out there.

Reverse side color detail shown in the second pic. Contrasting back side color is good to have if you want to keep track of which side you sneezed onto.

Features & How to use it
  • Ways to Use It

    • keep the sun off your neck
    • keep sweat out of your eyes
    • wipe your hands
    • blow your nose
    • and in a pinch...(better leave it at that)
    • Scarf or head covering
    • Sweat band
    • A ribbon to tie back hair
    • Measuring tool
    • Blindfold
    • Mask
    • Breathing filter for use in dust storm or blizzard
    • Handkerchief
    • Sling for an injured arm
    • Protect your neck from the sun.
    • Earmuff in cold weather
    • Use with a stick as a tourniquet
    • Temporary bandage for humans or animals
    • Tie for a splint
    • Flag to signal for help
    • Food pouch
    • Washcloth
    • Dish rag
    • A towel
    • Strainer for muddy water or coffee
    • Dust rag
    • Clean your shoes or boots
    • An emergency diaper
    • Food cover
    • Hot pad
    • Carrier for small pet
    • Carrier for small machine parts
    • Dinner napkin
    • Placemat
    • Bib
    • Ice pack cover
    • Cold compress
    • Smoke screen mask
    • Trail marker
    • Occupied sign
    • Garden hose repair
    • Fix a radiator hose
    • Car window shade
    • Sports banner
    • Clothes for a doll
    • Doll blanket
    • Tool caddy
    • Dog scarf
    • Cat cape
    • Game marker
    • Racing flag
    • Gift wrap
    • Paint rag
    • Luggage marker
    • A belt

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MUSA Bandana April 30, 2015
Reviewer: Stephen Ringlee from Ames, IA United States  
Finally a source of quality MUSA bandanas... thank you Riv.  These are made of 100% cotton that softens quickly and becomes absorbent, unlike the Chinese versions.  The latter, despite claiming "100% cotton", retain the comfort and absorbancy of aluminum foil despite repeated washings.  They are strictly decorative and have little utility.  The MUSA versions can actually be used as bandanas or handkerchiefs.

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