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  WoolyWarm Vest Tweed Sweater - Derby Green


Made in: Britain

Availability: only xxl
product code: AW64


These are normal sizing S M L XL 2XL. There are no special cuts. We didn't try to improve on the grading; it's pure English stock, and seems to work for Americans, too. In other words, if you wear a normal Large sweater from Target or Brooks Brothers, buy a large one here.

WoolyWarm Vest

When you arms get too hot too easily, this is the solution. A good way to get into this tweed even when it's not super cold out. The high collar does what high collars do, and nicely unbuttons for relief when it warms up some.

You into sweater and sock matching? Our Canada dark green wool socks are just for you.

WoolyWarm and this particular wool

Even if it didn't work so well, which it does, wool would still win, because it looks so good. Synthetics are too homogenous. Wool always varies, but never as much as in this tweed --- a blend of green, gold, orange, white, black, and now and then a clear or red. Under high magnification you can see them all clearly, and even on a brand-new sweater they look like a tangled mess. From a human's eye view you can't see anything except a variegated olive color.

We first offered these about 8 years ago, around 2003, and they have been our most-requested comeback item ever, and we worked hard to get them back. They're delightful to wear. They let air in, so you don't get too hot. You can wear them most of the year, and probably will.

WoolyWarm is our resurrected own-brand for wool clothing we have made to our spec. In the past we've had WoolyWarm bike jerseys ("All wool. Cut full. No bull."), arm warmers, leg warmers, warm-ups, and pants. Now we're starting it up again with these sweaters.

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for sizing April 23, 2013
Reviewer: Ben from Fort Wayne  
Wore my XL 8-10 times; nicely loose, but bunchy long on me. One cold water-only wash cycle (no dryer) brought the size in just right. No harm if resizing is needed.

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Love this vest November 23, 2012
Reviewer: Joe Ramey from Grand Junction, CO United States  
It is light weight and scratchy wool in a rather pleasant way. It looks great ovwer a tshirt or a button down. I bought mine before a 3 week trip to Switzerland in late September to early October. It was a great layer for mild mountain hikes, looked good for going to dinner, even served as a pillow in a hostel in Gimmelwald. Two days after returning, I gave a presentation to 400 folks at an avalanche conference and wore it there. It looked like new. I get compliments for my vest all the time, including from my siblings at Thanksgiving. They develop a quizical look when I tell them with a grin its a cycling vest. This is one of the dozen pieces of clothing that if I lost it somehow, I would immediately re-buy it at full retail. One criticism, I wish the buttoned neck opening was another two inches longer.

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Great winter vest May 29, 2012
Reviewer: John from Missouri from Sparta, MO United States  
I bought one of these the summer of 2011 when the weather was hot but with winter in mind.  The vest was my favorite outer garb last winter, goes with lots of different shirts just fine, feels great on cold winter days.

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Waited Several Years for it to Come Back September 29, 2011
Reviewer: Liesl from Minneapolis  
I missed it last time 'round when it was in the great e-free Holiday Flyer of '05-06 as the "Derby Tweed Vest." I'd been waiting ever since, and so I was overjoyed when it finally came back.  I simply love it.  It's just right over a t-shirt on a cool morning.  And most folks do, in fact, look spiffy in it!

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