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Our Current Frame Lineup below. Click here for more info on our great lugged steel bikes.

The prices you see are for the frame, fork and headset. If that made you gulp or gasp, sit down for this part: you'll need to add about $1200 to have a decent set of wheels and parts on it. Sams and Betties go out for around $2500. Others more like $3500-4000. Seems like a lot, but when you weigh it against a new pro level computer or camera or business suit it is a bargain that will last much longer.

Can't decide which one? Click here for the bike picker widget. Back by popular demand: Staff Bikes.

We size by Pubic Bone Height. Measure yours like this.

Where's the Bombadil? It's still available, but somewhat semi-custom. Contact for pricing. Around $3000.
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Sam Hillborne
touring mountain off road bike rivendell hunqapillar Rivendell Atlantis
rivendell a homer hilsen