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Allow this quick boast: The 650B tire was dead until we reintroduced it in the early 2000s on our Glorius and Wilbury mixte bikes, and started importing the rare 650Bs we could still find. Then we designed our own tires. SCOLDED we were for "adding the the confusion," but over time 650B has become the dominant size on mountain bikes (where it's called 27.5"), and worldwide availability is supercalifragilistic. To be fair, we gave the tire a little push. Kirk Pacenti made it happen on mountain bikes, and the whole world is benefiting from his efforts.

As always,we recommend starting at 38mm (listed; actual measurement would likely be 35mm). They're fast enough and allow lower, cushier tire pressures. We're not big into "supple" casings, because a casing that's supple off the rim is generally too thin--that's how it gets suppleā€”and lacks the sidewall durability and flat resistance we value more than light weight. We have a variety of weights below and for what it's worth some of our casings are identical to the other guys. But if you like spending money on tires and changing them often in a never-ending quest for lightness, go for it. Come back when you're tired of flats.

Here are some random thoughts and opinions that apply to all tires, including 650s.

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