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They're all 650B tires, that's easy, but the hard part is deciding how to list them, sizewise. You can't go by what the tire claims to be, because different countries have different measuring methods and labeling requirements, and so these international companies like to cover all bases by complying with everything, and the result is a mess of numbers that seem to contradict one another. For instance, a Continental TourRide:

Printed label says 26 x 1 1/2
Tire imprint says 26 x 2 x 1 1/2 (close to the same, no major squawking there) AND 54 - 584.

In the last number, the 54 presumably refers to fatness/width, but the tire doesn't measure anywhere close to 54mm. The 584 is the bead-seat diameter, and positively ID's it as a 650B tire, made to fit rims with a bead seat diameter of 584mm.

But when we talk about tires, we talk about 26-inch, 650B, and 700c, and so the 26 x 1 1/2 x 2 marks might make you think it's a midsized 26-inch city tire that fits 26-inch mountain bike rims. The 1 1/2 and 2 must refer to fatness, but if you convert those to metric, you get 38mm and 50mm, not the 54 that's paired with the 584 above.

It makes sense to us to ID the tires as 650B or whatever (although 584 is more precise, we like to speak the people's language), and then just measure the width and call it that. But the width varies with the rim you put it on, the tire pressure, and the age of the tire (older gets fatter, surprise). Wider rims make wider tires, and we aren't going to put all the tires on all the rims they'll fit on and measure.

SO: In the widths listed below, they are at least relative to one another. If we say a Maxy Fasty is 33mm and a Soma is 35mm and a Fatty Rumpkin is 40mm, you can trust the heirarchy of fatnesses, but not necessarily the exact number.

We have 650B tubes, too, although you should know that in a pinch you can use either a 26-inch or a 700C inner tube.

Here are some random thoughts and opinions that apply to all tires, including 650s.

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